Saturday, 27 April 2013

First time donating blood :)

23rd of April is a historical day for me or what? LOL. 10am Principal study class was cancelled, English class ended an hour earlier = enough time to donate blood at the blood donation drive :)

1. My weight is just 1 kg past the minimum required weight. Machi Beng said I put on weight, got to keep it up :D

2. It's confirmed that my blood type is O.
3. Years ago, I used to take iron pills cuz of anemia, IDK if they will screen my blood after that, hope my blood is of good quality(?) LOL
4. I went alone, with the fear I may faint halfway donating LOL. Went round the practice room but nobody want to accompany me cuz they either don't want to donate, donated, or having class at 4pm. how was it? it was less scary than what I thought it would be. Randomly chatted with ppl around me. Met some familiar faces. The nurses there are so friendly, they were careful with the needles, especially when they know I am a first time donor :) 5. I think I have low tolerance for pain but it didn't hurt that bad :)
 Met Chinese Community aka CC family's lil bro, Qi Hang. First time donors :)

I was afraid my arm would be achy but Thank God, not at all :)

Why donate blood? 
There are ppl out there who are in need. This is a way to help them. And of course, following daddy's footstep. I insta.ed him donating blood in church some time ago *hehes* :)

Haven't lost my interest in blogging, just updating lesser due to a busy, packed, exciting life. Praise God :) Take care peeps, thanks for reading ♥

Saturday, 6 April 2013

This time around

JR Aquino - This time around
Let the music play while you read on :P

I used to live everyday cleaning up mistakes 
Always lost never knowing which road I should take

Now this time I
Making things right 
So many times
I fell to the floor to wonder if I'd ever get up again

You're scared of what you don't know
The places you fear the most inside your heart you can't control

This time around I know
I'll make some mistakes 
But I'm stronger than the man I was before
This time around I know 

I'm gonna wake up 
Living in a brighter day
Not taking it for granted
There's no need to run away

I was stuck in a corner
Always fighting to find myself
Looking for the answers
In the places that I don't belong
But somehow
I finally know now

I like the music arrangement, the lyrics. Acoustic version would be nice too :) I watched JR Aquino perform live in MSU during F.Y.I. (Favorite YouTube Icons) last year, no blog post but pics are on FB :P By chance was introduced to me by Cin Yan. Nice song as well. I can see how JRA grew in his song-writing :) Suddenly motivated to write my own song LOL.

Suppose to have a date with Myan today but it's postponed. Kian Xian WA.ed me asking to meet up, good timing. He's doing well, thank God. He cut his hair! LOL. Too long didn't meet up with him dy. I like how he's humble (at least in front of me, I'm his senior mah LOL), although he had some conflict with his course mates but hey, we are the products of our past, we all learn and grow from these things, don't have to be prisoners of it :) No awkward moments (how do we manage that LOL), we naturally talked about uni life, shared about the past and coming music events, talked about ppl like Mr Gabe (Mr Gabe used to be his uni's lecturer) and Joe Siang (talented finger-style guitarist that we know of), watched YouTube videos together (including this vid) and gave comments *haha* He showed me his music assignment, computer music and stuff, it was impressive to a classically trained pianist like me LOL. McD is becoming our usual place for meet up- wi-fi and yummy ice-cream hehes. Great catching up. Can't wait to see him perform again :) *proud senior* 

More meet-ups ahead? KHCU & STKCU, I want to SEE YOU :)

Back to work now, Kim!

Summary. Long much? LOL

Long hiatus. Starting the engine again. *vroom*

My siblings at Singapore Flyer during CNY.
Sis started her 1st year studies in uni, study hard sis! :) Don't quite know how she's doing. She doesn't let me follow her on Twitter LOL. 
Bro is training for his hike to Gunung Tahan. Home-school boy, so fun one LOL.

16th of February- Jing Ni's 21st birthday party
My dear former classmate. Currently studying in Unimas. All the best :)

Form 6 classmates 

Beautiful pics of the party taken by the Photography club mates. 
Presenting... One of my kehpohs and former boss of the club, Sen Chen :D 

Kien Tian, who teases me, claiming that I pluck the flower from someone else's garden. Such nice friends :P Both of them are studying in Unimas. Coming back for the mid-sem break :)

21st of Feb
CNY dinner with the course mates at New Paris

22-24 Feb Leader's Training Retreat with the PKV committees. 
Nice escape to El Sanctuary. Silent Retreat was refreshing. 

The committees. missing Abbie. Celebrating Daniel Hiew's birthday after one of our meetings.

4th of March
My RC's Tiong Hua Cultural Night aka MKTH 

The lovely Caryn and WeiTang :)
I was one of the MC while WeiTang was in the traditional dance team.

Joyce and Emily :)

FESENI Choir training before our competition with the other RCs

Tia and Joycelyn. 
Choir mates since MHS aka orientation week :)

17th of March
12th RC choir team in action :P 
It was a great experience, learning from coach Leo and from each other. I always had the heart for choir, started off during my primary school days, even before I started learning piano. Sadly, my secondary school did not have a choir team and why didn't I thought of forming one? Perhaps not as ambitious back then. This choir is possibly the only reason why I want to stay in 12th RC the next academic year. If I don't get into 12th? Join another choir team I suppose. awws. It's ok we didn't win, we need to improve more in so many aspects, like being more committed to practice? :) Enjoyed watching other RCs' performance, such music ♥

Wern Jun and Clement, the conductor and pianist of 8th RC. Congrats :) 

March is the month of FESENI = Nice performances :) 

21st of March
Canada ♥
Weiyan was there when this blog started, those years of friendship :) Skyped with him while I have my late breakfast, it was midnight there. 1st time skyping after he left for studies. No awkward moments, talked about everything, we're frank like that. Although time goes on, it's like the friendship clock stops and when we reconnect, it starts again LOL? IDK how to describe but I'm blessed with such friendships :) Take care, ah stressed :) (oh, the desserts and stressed joke LOL) memories ^_^ Big wide smile :D

I love my girls, doing girly stuff and all. but I also like how frank my guy friends are, lesser drama most of the time, sometimes more adventurous, not that my girls are not LOL. I get judged like, "you don't have a bf cuz you have such close guy friends" LOL? I'm not hiding anything nor cheating. I am very serious about relationships, says this personality test result here => *click*
I know my boundaries. To that future special someone, trust is so important. For now, I'm happily single :)

24th of March
Farewell to the Song family, my fave Korean family. Couldn't get the whole family for a pic. Come back to visit ok? Daniel Song, same age as my lil bro, same name. He used to be so much shorter than I am, now?! LOL

KL Piano Gala 2013. Malaysia's talented pianists performed. 

Karen and HuiSan. Pianist and Vocalist :)

31st of March-Easter Sunday. 
Taken before choir performance.

that same day. Royal Concert. To help out as usher and to support this girl :)

2nd April
Dayao A.way concert

Proud of my course mates who performed, good job :)

To support this girl again LOL. Highly demanded cellist. 

Not forgetting kor Yu Hong, the drummer. That's the Dayao wristband given out to the audiences as a door gift, it belongs to Karen now LOL


Call me weird. In nicer terms, it's known as unique :P *perasan much* I just want to do things I really have the heart for. of course, I'm going to settle things that I don't want to be stuck with any longer. 

Colossians 3:23 (NIV)

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.

By God's grace, I will finish up FESENI reports or whatsoever. It's not that I dislike paperwork, I've been a secretary, it's just that, many times I feel like I'm doing this alone, I feel LOST. Not to mention, no soft-copy given, got to type out such thick pile of documents. What do 1st years know about all the residential college system and management, how things work and stuff. Thankful for boss and others who helped me in any way. I WILL get it done. 

Thanks for reading ♥
May you experience God's love :)

Thursday, 4 April 2013

please remind me who I really am

*takes a DEEP breath*


Mid-sem break started for me. Did I just finished my 7 weeks of classes? :O
I've NEVER been this occupied. 1 blog post in the month of March. The last time I had 1 blog post in a month was when I just started blogging. Not blogging as regularly as I used to IS a big deal for me. So many things happened in this 7 weeks, I know I don't have to blog out every single thing but it has always been a practice for me to write down thoughts after reflecting. Summarizing everything for now. God is good. That doesn't mean everything is going smooth in my life but I do experience His grace, in various ways. Learned a lot from life's experience. 
Example? this thought came to me during Easter Sunday. I'm accepting the fact that certain ppl are there for a season, then we move on to our next phase in life, we won't cross each other's path like we used to, but no hard feelings, in good terms. Lost for words but from the bottom of my heart, I'm grateful. Took me quite a long time to realize :)

What's up during my 1 week break? 

Western history of music. HE assignment. English writing. Practice Aural and sight-singing. 

For school bag. Stationery. Books. Haven't use a single piece of the 1Malaysia Book voucher LOL.

I chose not to go for the trip to Penang with my course mates. Definitely missing out on building stronger, genuine bonds with them. If there's a chance, I would like to show them around here, meet my Klang-SA homies~ :) taste Klang BKT (I had BKT in KL this week, it was so-so but for the sake of kehpoh-ing LOL, that's another story ;) ) perhaps go to Sunway Lagoon? LOL. In waiting list. 
First step of making time for my friends who are coming back from their respective unis all over M'sia and various ppl I always wanted to catch-up with :)

Mummy's birthday :) My family ain't the kind who throws a party or does anything "big" but a dinner somewhere at least. Cake is not compulsory. My parents are usually camera-shy and they don't like their pics over the net (dad just commented about how pointless it is for ppl to snap pics of food and post them up on FB/insta) Total opposite of me LOL. ART. It's ART. LOL.  

I miss nice natural pictures like this. 
Thanks for reading ♥
God bless you :)