Saturday, 27 April 2013

First time donating blood :)

23rd of April is a historical day for me or what? LOL. 10am Principal study class was cancelled, English class ended an hour earlier = enough time to donate blood at the blood donation drive :)

1. My weight is just 1 kg past the minimum required weight. Machi Beng said I put on weight, got to keep it up :D

2. It's confirmed that my blood type is O.
3. Years ago, I used to take iron pills cuz of anemia, IDK if they will screen my blood after that, hope my blood is of good quality(?) LOL
4. I went alone, with the fear I may faint halfway donating LOL. Went round the practice room but nobody want to accompany me cuz they either don't want to donate, donated, or having class at 4pm. how was it? it was less scary than what I thought it would be. Randomly chatted with ppl around me. Met some familiar faces. The nurses there are so friendly, they were careful with the needles, especially when they know I am a first time donor :) 5. I think I have low tolerance for pain but it didn't hurt that bad :)
 Met Chinese Community aka CC family's lil bro, Qi Hang. First time donors :)

I was afraid my arm would be achy but Thank God, not at all :)

Why donate blood? 
There are ppl out there who are in need. This is a way to help them. And of course, following daddy's footstep. I insta.ed him donating blood in church some time ago *hehes* :)

Haven't lost my interest in blogging, just updating lesser due to a busy, packed, exciting life. Praise God :) Take care peeps, thanks for reading ♥