Thursday, 4 April 2013

please remind me who I really am

*takes a DEEP breath*


Mid-sem break started for me. Did I just finished my 7 weeks of classes? :O
I've NEVER been this occupied. 1 blog post in the month of March. The last time I had 1 blog post in a month was when I just started blogging. Not blogging as regularly as I used to IS a big deal for me. So many things happened in this 7 weeks, I know I don't have to blog out every single thing but it has always been a practice for me to write down thoughts after reflecting. Summarizing everything for now. God is good. That doesn't mean everything is going smooth in my life but I do experience His grace, in various ways. Learned a lot from life's experience. 
Example? this thought came to me during Easter Sunday. I'm accepting the fact that certain ppl are there for a season, then we move on to our next phase in life, we won't cross each other's path like we used to, but no hard feelings, in good terms. Lost for words but from the bottom of my heart, I'm grateful. Took me quite a long time to realize :)

What's up during my 1 week break? 

Western history of music. HE assignment. English writing. Practice Aural and sight-singing. 

For school bag. Stationery. Books. Haven't use a single piece of the 1Malaysia Book voucher LOL.

I chose not to go for the trip to Penang with my course mates. Definitely missing out on building stronger, genuine bonds with them. If there's a chance, I would like to show them around here, meet my Klang-SA homies~ :) taste Klang BKT (I had BKT in KL this week, it was so-so but for the sake of kehpoh-ing LOL, that's another story ;) ) perhaps go to Sunway Lagoon? LOL. In waiting list. 
First step of making time for my friends who are coming back from their respective unis all over M'sia and various ppl I always wanted to catch-up with :)

Mummy's birthday :) My family ain't the kind who throws a party or does anything "big" but a dinner somewhere at least. Cake is not compulsory. My parents are usually camera-shy and they don't like their pics over the net (dad just commented about how pointless it is for ppl to snap pics of food and post them up on FB/insta) Total opposite of me LOL. ART. It's ART. LOL.  

I miss nice natural pictures like this. 
Thanks for reading ♥
God bless you :)