Saturday, 6 April 2013

This time around

JR Aquino - This time around
Let the music play while you read on :P

I used to live everyday cleaning up mistakes 
Always lost never knowing which road I should take

Now this time I
Making things right 
So many times
I fell to the floor to wonder if I'd ever get up again

You're scared of what you don't know
The places you fear the most inside your heart you can't control

This time around I know
I'll make some mistakes 
But I'm stronger than the man I was before
This time around I know 

I'm gonna wake up 
Living in a brighter day
Not taking it for granted
There's no need to run away

I was stuck in a corner
Always fighting to find myself
Looking for the answers
In the places that I don't belong
But somehow
I finally know now

I like the music arrangement, the lyrics. Acoustic version would be nice too :) I watched JR Aquino perform live in MSU during F.Y.I. (Favorite YouTube Icons) last year, no blog post but pics are on FB :P By chance was introduced to me by Cin Yan. Nice song as well. I can see how JRA grew in his song-writing :) Suddenly motivated to write my own song LOL.

Suppose to have a date with Myan today but it's postponed. Kian Xian WA.ed me asking to meet up, good timing. He's doing well, thank God. He cut his hair! LOL. Too long didn't meet up with him dy. I like how he's humble (at least in front of me, I'm his senior mah LOL), although he had some conflict with his course mates but hey, we are the products of our past, we all learn and grow from these things, don't have to be prisoners of it :) No awkward moments (how do we manage that LOL), we naturally talked about uni life, shared about the past and coming music events, talked about ppl like Mr Gabe (Mr Gabe used to be his uni's lecturer) and Joe Siang (talented finger-style guitarist that we know of), watched YouTube videos together (including this vid) and gave comments *haha* He showed me his music assignment, computer music and stuff, it was impressive to a classically trained pianist like me LOL. McD is becoming our usual place for meet up- wi-fi and yummy ice-cream hehes. Great catching up. Can't wait to see him perform again :) *proud senior* 

More meet-ups ahead? KHCU & STKCU, I want to SEE YOU :)

Back to work now, Kim!