Friday, 24 May 2013

1 week of mid-sem break

When I blog about events that happened some time ago, I tend to forget the details, little things, that mean a lot sometimes. I will also tend to remember only the good, rarely the bad. Like, eg, MKTH, think it went all well? NO. The makeup by the sponsor was horrible, even a makeup newbie like me did better LOL. nyways, this is some of the things I did for that 1 week break :) 

At our fave hang out spot. Setia SB, the one with the drive-through.
My kehpohs ♥


Peter didi!
Can be a better meetup session, I like how we just sip our drinks, sharing life stories, laugh, joke and all

Went to visit STKCU. no group photo awws. Selca :P flaw of this pic? jeans look baggy at the pockets. Didn't straighten it before snapping this LOL. Good to be back there, the sight of Pn Nita, the juniors, school compound, ahh~ :)

Highlight of the week. Thanksgiving dinner at Klin's place. Although not many ppl turned up, we had a blast! Yummy dinner

Sharing life stories

Guitarist and Song leader of the evening

Skype session with Wynne ♥ She'll be back in JUNE!

SUPER LATE POST. These were before week 8 and now it's almost week 14 :o *phailed blogger*