Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Music showcase 2013 - Synergy

Our 2nd sem's showcase was held on the 23rd of June MAY! 2013. Late post but this is blog-worthy :) Read about the 1st sem's music showcase here. With so many things going on, it's hard to keep track. Many thoughts of the moment is lost now. Oh well. Here's a summary :)

1st year students :D
Special thanks to our "anonymous" friend for giving us a small yet meaningful appreciation gift.

So, why was I the MC? I forgot! like, seriously ._. anyways, so glad that Rachel jie agreed to be my partner :D Last sem, the committee wanted to do a detailed program note so we got the description of the program from the performers. In the end, our lecturer told us to just make a simple one. So, this sem, a simple program note BUT nothing is collected from the performer for the MC's script. Am really grateful for all the performers who co-operated and submitted their program details even though we gave rather last minute notice :')

It was quite tricky to design the script as it has to suit the backstage crew's timing to set-up. The ensembles for this showcase were rather big. Eg: the final performance is a huge ensemble, so the MCs had to describe and explain MORE in order for the music stands, mics etc to be set-up. Googled about Gu-zheng, Joe Hishashi, pronunciation for foreign terms (:O?!) LOL! Well, our pleasure to do so as it is our job to educate the audience. It was very educational for me as well :P 

"Keltainen huone (Yellow Room) is composed by our very own Professor Michael Edgerton when he was in Finland. This piece focuses on the sense of pitch movement of unvoiced sounds that are achieved by highlighting the dominant formant frequencies of the vocal tract. A Painting titled Keltainen huone by Marjatta Hanhijoki was the inspiration for this piece." 

Try reading that OUT LOUD. LOL

OH! AND THE TECHNICAL ERROR PART *hides face*. Just went out and said something impromptu. Thank God, lovely audience we had :)

Besides MC-ing, Rachel and I were performing as well. Timing has to be just nice for us to change our clothes. Yea, I'm in the choir again this sem, wasn't my 1st choice but oh well, God has His purposes. The choir didn't have a conductor until few days before the showcase, we decided to have one. Long story short, I was the conductor. Good side? I didn't have to change my clothes which takes time LOL


From my FB cover photo description:

"Always love singing in a choir but conducting is something totally new and different. Music Showcase 2013 - Synergy was my 1st time conducting in front of my course mates, lecturers and a crowd, with 0 knowledge on conducting, less than 4 days to prepare ( I had to emcee as well) *the horror?!*
Nevertheless, I just want to say THANK YOU. Yes, YOU there. From the bottom of my heart. For the opportunity given, to learn from my mistakes and grow. No regrets.
To my fellow choir members, thank you for giving me the confidence, what do I do without all of you? :')
Grateful. Blessed.
=Nella Fantasia & Ode to Joy="

Would like to thank those who came and supported the showcase. FULL HOUSE! OH and Suez came! :D haha. There are many other pics, posting some here, you can stalk the rest on my FB ;)

My cousie bro who is studying medicine in UKM FB msg.ed me and made reservation for 5 tickets just a day before showcase! :D Tall genes ;) The last time I met him was during CNY back in Johor.

some of the PKV-ians who came. Wern Jun and Boon Aun :)

12th college CC family bros, Yee Seng and Qi Hang :)

Preparation for showcase: This is the 1st time we have a ticketing system for showcase. Price was fixed at RM5 per ticket, instead of the controversial "entrance by donation of RM5". Of course, for that we went through quite a bit *phew* And 1st time, we have online reservation, we didn't expect such an overwhelming response! Publicity is my thing: updating the FB event page, the department's page, promote promote! LOL. okay, I exaggerated, not that radical :P 

As a whole, we improved, performance and management wise. Good job, course mates! :D and by course mates I meant batch mates and seniors :) Icing on the cake? One of our lecturers posted a FB status congratulating us, so thoughtful :) IDK what happened to our advisor, ok, didn't expect nything pun ._.

I couldn't have done all these without God. Before the showcase, as me and Rachel are preparing ourselves mentally and emotionally (lol), we took a moment of silence and prayed, later joined by another course mate who saw us. We just uphold everything to God. Mind you, this is not some "holy molly christian-ey" thing, it's just to acknowledge that there is a God watching over us :) Thanks for reading! God bless you :)