Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Principal study Year 1 sem 2

My personal, honest thoughts

Prelude and Fugue in Eb Major WTC 876 

Nice huh? :) I like it too. Such music by J.S.Bach ♥ Fugue was a challenge for me when it comes to memorizing + bringing out theme in the 4 different voices (if that makes sense). Didn't memorize it well enough. Before entering uni, I've learned this piece briefly then stopped for reasons I can't recall. Good to be able to learn this completely now.

Sonata in E major. Op 14 no. 1
There are 3 movements, this is the 1st movement

I like jugak :P I've learned this piece's 1st movement for my grade 8 exam, learned the other 2 movements for own leisure. Never memorized it. So during the sem break, it's revision time for me. Yes, we start to learn our pieces during sem break, a bit difficult to cope if we start learning when the new sem begins.

Chopin's Etude in A minor. Op 10 no. 2

The only piece that I did not choose myself. Great exercise for my 3-4-5th fingers. I played much slower that what you saw in the video above. Among the 3 pieces, this is technically challenging. Hand and finger ache halfway through the piece. I know the notes inside my head but my fingers just can't play the keys when my arm aches so badly, how frustrating :( the question is, why did my lecturer chose this piece for me? What is the learning outcome? (LOL.ed at learning outcome, like what I use to see on textbooks before a new chapter begins) Challenge accepted, I played this during my weekly recital, instead of Sonata which I'm much confident in. I couldn't have done it without God's grace. right arm major aching after that T.T wrong technique I guess *sigh*

It began at 9am, I was the 9th on the list, 11 am slot. Didn't want to hurt my eyes so I went with glasses, lack of eye-shut time. I reached practice room around 9.30 am to change, warm-up and run-through certain sections of my pieces. Course mates who were before me came out of the jury room happily, said that they did not have to play much of their pieces, they didn't memorize fully anyway. I was like "ok, well, our pieces are quite long so I guess it's normal to stop us halfway".

* * unspoken
" " spoken
=this is not the EXACT account as I have terrible memory= 
Went in. Gave the books of my pieces to the jurors. Sat at the piano. Jurors sipping coffee. I wait for instructions. 

Sight-reading seems to be the SAME as last sem's ._.

"Scale in A major." 
A major?! That is last sem's syllabus, this sem we have to do last 4# and 4bs. Played anyway. A major-F# harmonic-F#melodic-"STOP!" 
*WHAT?! I'm not done with my arpeggios* 
"E minor please" 
So different from Year 1 sem 1's style *click*

Prelude and Fugue 4 pages in total
*plays 1 page + of Prelude* 
"STOP, next"
*(thinks) THE HORROR. plays Fugue, stumbled here and there, trying to recover, played less than 1 page*
"STOP, next. you can use the score if you want to."
"I don't need them actually"

Beethoven Sonata. 3 movements.

*plays 1 page +, that's less than 1 min?*
"STOP, continue with... CHOPIN"
*My other 2 movements? :"(*
It's natural for me to think of the 2nd movement after I played the 1st mov. Quickly switch my brain to Chopin mode.

Chopin Etude, 4 pages

*plays 3 pages*
"STOP" Jurors talk, asking if I'm playing what I hear in my head, some random questions that I didn't bother to answer already 'cuz I don't know how what to think.

STUNNED. What on earth did I get to perform? Of course I get nervous BUT I recover along the way. Cutting me off so fast doesn't allow me to demonstrate what I've been preparing for the whole semester. Even if I did played badly. kindly listen through most of it, I can hear for myself if I performed badly. Judging by first impression? not right, cuz some can play well and mess up later on. Come on, I didn't spend 1 sem + to prepare for that 10 mins, I'm more than that :(

Had to see the lecturer straight after that to discuss about next sem's repertoire as some of my principal study group mates are going back to their hometown in the afternoon. So I went with Xiao Min. The most natural question to ask is "how was final jury?" I thought about it for awhile, while Xiao Min talks. When I did open my mouth and utter my words, I don't know if I'm sad or angry or just disappointed but I felt like I'm gonna breakdown. Stopped talking but inside I'm screaming :( All the lecturer said was, get use to the American style. how helpful. Discussing almost equals to not discussing at all, if I knew how to choose my pieces, I wouldn't need consultation, but of 'cuz, for formality sake, discussed anyway. Not very patient when I'm in that state. Got out of the room after that. Posted a status which took me almost 30 mins to think of how to put my words.

As I walked back to my hostel, I chilled for a bit. Praying or just talking to myself. God is in control. His will be done.

On a happier note, new sunnies to fool around with ^_^

How this drains me physically and emotionally. Rested. HE and Info skill paper next Monday. Keep striving! Thanks for reading. Not easy to digest what I blogged huh, it's ok,  just ranting. Can't handle my honesty? Thank you very much ;) Have a blessed week :)