Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sunway Lagoon outing

22 of my batch mates: Due to some personal matters like family and have yet to finish a final English paper, 3 of them couldn't make it. 19 of us headed to Sunway, 12 to lagoon while the other 7 went to Pyramid.

19 of us. Bright sunny day.

There is a Buy 1 Free 1 promotion for students (bring your student ID!), so it's RM60 per person. The lockers inside are priced at RM 15 for small ones (cannot be reopened, will be charged again) and RM 30 for the larger ones (can be reopened). For me personally, after visiting Sunway Lagoon again after so many years, it did had some improvements :) 

BUT, for someone one like me who has been to USS twice in 6 months, I can say that Lagoon could be more tourist-friendly. They do not provide space at the side for you to leave your things before you head for the roller-coaster, you have to either take the risk, leaving your bag somewhere nearby OR put in the locker which isn't near the ride. I took the risk, I need my water bottle :( 

Not quite worth it for senior citizens to go. My popo went to USS with us during CNY, there are many performances held at the streets, attractions that are educational like "Lights, Camera, Action!" and less extreme rides like the ones in "Far, far away", that is suitable for the elderly.

Water-coolers were placed almost everywhere convenient around USS, and lockers are placed beside extreme rides that requires you to carry nothing but yourself, it's FREE for the 1st 30mins, enough to have a ride, come back, get your stuff and proceed to the next ride LOL. Of course, I do pay more for USS but it was worth every SGD. Without the B1F1 promo, I don't think I will go :x Just giving my HONEST opinion, I still love Malaysia kays ;)

If you've been to USS and not yet to Lagoon, there is NO single-rider lane. Even if you have extra cash, there is NO express pass to be purchased, so try to avoid going during peak seasons.

Not many pics were taken as most of the time, we kept our valuable cameras and phones in the locker. USS trip? We managed to have tonnes of pics taken using the DSLR. Sorry DSLR users heading to Lagoon, you either get someone to take care of your DSLR while you go enjoy your ride OR snap your pics and watch others enjoy the ride *true story*

No re-entry, once you're in Lagoon, you can't go out to Pyramid, jalan-jalan then come back and enter Lagoon again. I wonder why, they allowed that last time though. I thought that will actually boost Sunway's business LOL.
I do hope I got my facts right, do correct me, nicely, no offense :)

My fave ride? VUVUZELA :D I had to go open the locker for my course mates who were leaving earlier (the key is the wristband I wore), so when I got back, I was the only one in-line for the ride. I asked the staff if I can ride the float alone *LOL* but he said nope, minimum 4 pax. oh well. I joined 2 pair of couples from the Philippines, friendly ppl. They were surprised when I told them I'm a Malaysian. The other Malaysians ain't friendly? LOL. like meeting random peeps :)

Nevertheless, it was a fun outing despite some miscommunications. It's our first outing together, more to come I hope, and more improvements to be done :)
That's about it I guess :)