Saturday, 15 June 2013

University of Malaya-Music Department's Shirt!

With my favourite girls
Simple yet meaningful design. Front: Treble and Bass cleft representing music, is close to our hearts, our heartbeat. See the heart shape? Back: Where we are from :)

It's like a dream come true :') Wait, let me explain here. Our seniors came out with a shirt design for their 2nd semester's showcase. For my batch, we thought we didn't want to do the same. Instead of a showcase shirt, we wanted to make a department shirt. Quite practical as we can wear it for any of our department's event or just pick a random day (Department shirt day? ;)) and wear it during class. Definitely, there were some obstacles we had to go through, getting approval from lecturers(?), support from seniors. Some weren't comfortable with the change. We said we want UBAH (change) in our country but change happens even in our daily lives, not just as a nation. Summary,  the course mates came up with the designs, posted on our FB group for votes, Caryn's design had the most votes and there we have our department shirt *YAY* Glad we persevered in making this shirt and did not give in when ppl told us we can't or it's hard, if not this wouldn't have been accomplished. Hard work paid off! :D Oh, and some of our lecturers bought the shirt!

And we wore it during our examination! :D
22 of us from the 2012/2013 batch

It has been 2 wonderful sems with my batch mates. Year 2 is waiting! :)