Friday, 9 August 2013

Catchup with the peeps :)

6th August 2013

Due to the raya holiday, the initial venue set was not opened *the horror*. Thank God I checked their FB page the night before, actually, during midnight, after I came home from an evening out with Myan (that shall be another post). It is not easy to get everyone to come but as the meet up is being initiated, those who have the heart to come will make it :)

3 generations of STKCU comms. Thanks for making it, I'm honoured :)

with my batch :)
We are all in different places now, UPM being the nearest and Indonesia, the furthest.

Miao Fen, the senior :)

Remember we said that we'll go to Camp Cameron together? Me and Klin actually did :) EnTze, I hope you'll be able to go in 2 years time, life-changing experience :)

Bumped into Yuyu and JiaWai in SCM, which makes this a Librarian meetup hahas! :D

and of course, KC who is now my bestie's bf, helped to snap some group pics, thank you bro ^_^ I requested many retakes though, can't help it, and you know why :P A happy nerdy pic of us.

Didn't get to have deep conversations with everyone present due to time and place factor, but your presence brought encouragement, at least to me :) God has been working in our lives even after our F6 days. Those days of serving in CU together... ahh good memories :) Can't wait for Klin's thanksgiving dinner. How generous of her family to have us over again. More catchup then ♥

Thanks for reading. God bless you too :)