Sunday, 18 August 2013

KL International Jazz Festival - UNESCO International Jazz Day 2013

On the 30th of April 2013, I was a volunteer for UNESCO International Jazz Day. It was suppose to be KL International Jazz Festival but due to GE13, it was postponed to the 14th of September 2013. Not too late to blog about my experience :)

Taken at the end of the day
Standby at 7am and went back to my hostel at 1+am, long day indeed.

Only 3 first year students were in the volunteering team, most of our seniors were Jazz majors. As a classical pianist, I would love to learn more about jazz, hence, getting myself involved in such events.
Volunteer tag

Since I am a music student in University of Malaya, our department gave each of us a free ticket. I didn't need the ticket as I was volunteering. If I knew earlier that we were given free ticket, I may have hesitated on volunteering but no regrets at all :) Some of my course mates couldn't make it to the event which means we have extra free tickets. Used them to bless our uni mates who are music lovers. I understand it's not affordable for students.

Sound check

FREE Masterclasses :)

Piano masterclass by David Helbock

Drum masterclass

I was assigned to handle the Merchandise and CD booth with my batch-mate, Jason. I didn't get to watch the whole concert, only bits and pieces. Nevertheless, I had fun talking to music lovers who supported music by buying CDs and I gained experience from my job scope :) I was so occupied that I did not manage to have a picture with the artistes. It was nice meeting new peeps from SAE and not so new person, Sapphira who was my companion for the day ♥

More information about the upcoming KL international Jazz Festival, please visit their FB page: 

Taken from their FB page:
KL International Jazz Festival 2013

Thanks for reading, God bless and see you :)