Thursday, 15 August 2013

#nowplaying Made in the USA

Thought I'll blog more on what I listen at this point of time. #musicnerd ;) LOL.

Was listening to Demi's album on Spotify, when "Made in the USA" came on, I was like, this is catchy. The lyrics, vocals and music wise: rock-ish in the beginning, liking the beat/bass, then there's the country-ish style and a bit of military drums. Have a listen if you have not :)


Our love runs deep like a chevy
If you fall I'll fall with you baby
Cause that's the way we like to do it
That's the way we like

You run around open doors like a gentleman
Tell me girl every day you're my everything
Cause that's the way you like to do it
That's the way you like

Just a little West Coast, and a bit of sunshine
Hair blowing in the wind, losing track of time
Just you and I, just you and I
Woah, woah

No matter how far we go, I want the whole world to know
I want you bad, and I wont have it any other way
No matter what the people say,
I know that we'll never break
Cause our love was made, made in the USA
Made in the USA, yeah

You always reading my mind like a letter
When I'm cold, you're there like a sweater
Cause that's the way we like to do it
That's the way we like
And never ever let the world get the best of you
Every night we're apart, I'm still next to you
Cause that's the way I like to do it
That's the way I like

We touch down on the east coast
Dinner in the sky rise, winter is the best time for walking in the city lights
You and I, you and I
Woah woah

Cause baby I'll bite the bullet
And take the blow for love
Woahhhh, our love was made in the usa
Made in the usa, made in the usa

God bless and good morning :)