Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Camp Cameron 2013-Give me life in Thy ways

It's so hard to describe something that is like *woah* but with the little vocabulary I have, I will briefly share what's close to my heart. I've never attended Jeremiah School or any camp that is longer than 4-5 days. 20 days, is really a commitment. If I have not signed up for this camp, I probably will rest all I want after a hectic sem, attend private classes, practice my instrument, catch-up with friends who are back from afar... you get the picture. I've heard stories from my seniors about Camp Cameron, nothing in detail but it encourages me to sign up and guess what? :D

It was quite torturous in the beginning for me not being able to practice my instrument. Not exaggerating at all (Musicians will understand me), it was hard to break my normal routine. Sem break was a time to brush up on my techniques, everyone else is probably practicing but there I was, up in Camerons, expecting the unexpected. Have faith, kim, have faith. Overcame that eventually :)

This is the Gad family. Taken after Sukan Camerons.

UM has probably the most number of ppl attending Camp Cameron. I prayed that I won't be in the same family with the peeps that I am close with, I don't want to clique with certain ppl that I'm more comfortable with. God knows me best HAHA. Evangelin aka my youngest sis stays in the same hostel as I do, but she rarely attends CF meeting, never had the chance to get to know her better. She is now staying just a few doors away from me, we go to Bible study and Friday meetings together if we are coming from hostel :) I've met Soon Sin during LTR which was the Chinese ministry's Family planning retreat in El Sanctuary. Do see him around now too :) Raee is out of UM, interning now but I saw him during major events like Malam Suai Kenal
The girls 

19 nights in the same room with these lovely ladies. I miss saying good night to them. I miss Grandpa's morning calls / random singing through the hailer. 

Meal time!

Our regular meals will be in 2 round tables, to fit 20 of us. After meals, we'll take turns to wash all the dishes. Actually, we didn't really took turns, we just wash anytime, such joy in doing it together with the siblings haha, oh and the ICY COLD WATER. 

Camp Special. East-Asia Night. Middle row from inside to outside: Grandpa and Grandma, Papa and Mama, Uncle and Aunty :) Fun fact: there are 3 Rachel's in the fam. Rachel Mama, Jie Rachel, and Rachel ;) Jie Rachel went off a few days for her graduation ceremony in Notthingham.

This was our safe place. We shared our lives, struggles, joy, tears and we prayed together. Heard so many real life stories, I am so encouraged. Every night, after every session, we will gather at our family room, write our journals, share and recap for the day.


Besides living with a big family, we had:

-CGK: Chronicles of God's Kingdom which is a walk-through the whole bible series (Old Testament and New Testament)
-RR: Redeeming relationship series (week 1. with God and self, week 2. family, friends, courtship and gender, week 3. with the world)
-Wordilicious investigator: Bible study is not that dull at all after this :)
-Camp specials
-Siesta ;)

Great time to disconnect from the internet, the signal at Chefoo wasn't very good. I couldn't do it, here's why: Few days into camp, my paternal grandma fell, broke her hip-leg bone and was admitted to my uni's hospital. My grandma is at her 90's, she has been healthy, no problem eating or walking, just that her eyesight is deteriorating, that's probably why she fell outside the house. I get updates from my family through Whatsapp, I called my dad a few times throughout camp to ask how she was and also how dad is coping with regular hospital visits and his work. I was worried, over-worried. I wasn't there for the family physically, if I was around, I can share the responsibility with dad, lighten his burden. Sis was a great help, drove to the hospital after her classes to visit grandma. The extended family came from Johor to visit. Pastors and church members came to visit and prayed for her. I shared my fears with Grandma Grace and the Gad fam prayed about it. Surgery was postponed because her body wasn't at the right condition to take it. Cutting the story short, but not forgetting God's faithfulness, grandma accepted Christ, finally, after years of praying, dad was so happy, it was on the 7th of July, Sunday :) I was so happy that I can't contain it, I had to tell someone about it but it was during the period of silence on Sunday. Grandpa Ray happened to pas by and as I shared with him, I was in tears and he was too :') Surgery was finally done. Will continue grandma's story next time. Above all, God is good.

A pic of me and Grandpa Ray. I think I was talking about something happy yet serious hence the expression on Grandpa's face LOL.

She who have journeyed with me for so many years, even before this blog existed, and in this 20 days camp. Am blessed, for the times we are together, and even when we are physically far apart. The same God we believe in brought us together to this camp. Once in a lifetime experience :)

This 20 days are not just precious memory to keep forever, it is put to use now as I've "graduated" from camp. "Give me life in Thy ways" will always be my prayer. There won't be Camp Cam next year due to EARC. Camp Cam is for uni students, if you have the chance, do go for it and see what God can do through you :)
God bless you! :)

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Hello October!

0 blog post for September :(( crazybusyhectic. SIGH. 

Nevertheless, it was a blessed month of September. One of the highlights? Helped out in Birds and Bees camp. About 90+ 12 year old campers. In them, I saw how I used to be when I was 12. Memories flooded. God is SO GOOD all these years :') A new song I learned from camp. It's the theme song. Have a listen :)

Matt Redman - Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

How could they say there is no God?
What am I gonna do with this life You gave me? 

More updates? Year 2 started, currently in week 4, weekly recital is next week. And it's convo week this week! :D *excited* cuz my seniors are graduating LOL. Off to bed!

God bless you peeps! ♥