Thursday, 30 January 2014

Glancing through 2013..

hecticrollercoasternotimetoblog BUT a very meaningful year. Praise be to God alone :)

Old friends *ahem*, I mean, many years of friendship still needs to be maintained. I always enjoy the Huongs' hospitality. This was taken in August. Keep in touch pose! There's this thing in me, I can't stand badly captured pic, averagely taken is ok. I mean, I don't mind how I look in that pic but the lighting and composition of pic must be decent when a decent DSLR is being used. Thanks for bearing with me as I tone down my reaction and expectation ^_^

December 2013. Eileen's back from India for a short break. Caroling at the Huongs. ahhh, loves ♥ 

Birthday surprise for Wen! :)

Joan, Joycelyn (who is currently my roomie~) and Yu Hong. Sporting bunch of peeps who joined my homies for burgerlab :)

Fourth time at burgermakmal hehes

Volunteers for KL Jazz Festival on 14th of September 2013. Had so much fun working with these ppl and watching performances. What a way to spend my 21st birthday ^_^

T.H.E. Camp 2013. Burning bush team mates :) PKV'S theme for 2013/2014 is Touch And Grow aka T.A.G.

Meaningful conversations and happy faces :) Adrian was so focused to even pay attention to the photographer haha.

Book shopping at BBW fair, random plan but it turned out well. Thanks for the company! :)

Wynne who was back for summer holiday. Taken after dinner in church :)

ISCF Rally 2013 at Harvest City Church. KHCU ♥

Gad Fam gathering!


Batch mates' s photoshoot session. 3 sems with these bunch :)

Not forgetting my favourite girls ♥

Taken in the beginning of our 3rd sem

Too much to put into words. Most importantly, God is good and faithful. There were storms in life but He was always there to guide me through. Blessed ♥ thank you, God, for 2013.

*blogged with my tablet, doable but lappie is definitely faster hehes.

Thanks for reading, God bless you :)