Monday, 21 July 2014

Choir performance! (Malaysia-China Choral Exchange Concert)

This is my 4th time in 4 semesters joining classical choir as my ensemble subject. Yes, I love singing in the choir :) Especially from the starting of 3rd semester when Ms. Susanna Saw became the choir instructor of the choir, many interesting events came along, like Malaysian Choral Eisteddfod Tertiary Symposium
Me and Wei Tang

Next, we had the chance to perform in Dewan Filharmonik Petronas, KLCC at the Malaysia-China Choral Exchange Concert on June 23! Click to view article from The Star Online :) Celebrating ties through song

Before the performance 
Amazing experience to sing in such a hall. Good acoustics. We were the first choir group to perform then for the rest of the concert, we were assigned to sit at the Circle area (which is a level higher from the stage's level) which has one of the BEST views to watch the other choir groups' performance. For other concerts, it will cost a lot more for the seats in the Circle area compared to the Stalls (the stage's level). Great show by all the performers :) 

These ever-supportive peeps came to watch the concert, cheering from the first row!
*Werny, Kit and Sam are also choir singers from 8th residential college :)
Werny, Yu Hong, Kit, Grace and Sam.

There are better seats than the first row but the tickets for the concert were selling SO fast, especially the cheaper category. Thank God there were still seats available in that category when I went to purchase the tickets. :) 
**Tip when buying concert tickets in DFP: Sitting slightly further away from the stage = better view and sound. Happy to have them here. Didn't get to take a pic after the concert as they have to take the LRT back and I had some post-concert stuff to handle. 

♥ Course mate, hostel mate, choir mate ♥

I've learned so much from joining the choir. Above all, I thank God for all the opportunities. Okay, maybe no more choir for next semester's ensemble. Time to learn other ensembles like Gamelan, Contemporary choir etc. Will probably take choir as a non-registered course. Choir love ^_^ 
FYI: The UM choir group consists of Music Majors and Non-music majors. Ms. Susanna said she needs more guys in the choir next semester. So if you're a UM student, love to sing in choir, do join us. Our class is usually on Monday 5pm-7pm (if there isn't any changes next semester)

For more videos: 

God bless you! ♥