Saturday, 19 July 2014

Getting fit!?

It's semester break for me til the 2nd week of September. Unemployed. *JENGJENG* Not that I don't want to work but there's just none suitable for my schedule. Sunday mornings for church, some days in July and August for family and meeting friends in another part of the country. That means, chances are almost none that I find an actual holiday job LOL. Anyway, I am enjoying my time at home doing simple chores,cleaning and tidying my cluttered space, practice music, reading... oh and working out haha! Tried this yesterday and today: '5 minute Ab Express Workout' by blogilates aka Cassey Ho. Have a look at the routine :)

Simple moves huh? BUT I had to pause and continue again cuz my abs are aching! LOL. . Almost didn't have any proper exercise during my 4th semester in uni. I'm not a gym person, so working out at home is a good alternative for me. Plus, Cassey is such an encouraging personal trainer. I like the stretching videos, which I do on a more regular basis. Check them out if you're interested :)

Taken by Zwen Photography
Family bought a Canon EOS 700D recently. Still learning how to shoot, enjoying the learning process :)

God bless you! ♥