Thursday, 17 July 2014

My thoughts on "Why I Don't Use Drugstore Makeup" by PirouetteMakeup

Watched this video just last week and it made me think a bit more on makeup products that I use. I'm not a fan of makeup, I have some makeup products that I only put on for my performances or special occasions. 

Why avoid drugstore makeup?
1. Some are tested on animals.
There's this ape named Koba in the movie "The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" that was in the lab for 4 years being tested by humans. I know that's all in the movie but why does it have to be tested on animals when there are alternatives? :( If it can be avoided, I will avoid those products.

2. Harsh chemicals. 
Yea, I can't imagine ingesting that much of lipstick :O The current lip balm that I'm using is Shea Butter Lip Balm with Organic Raw Honey and Vitamin E by Claire Organics.  (I'm not paid to "promote" this. Just my personal opinion after using it for some time) It does a good job saving me from dry, cracked lips. It has a nice natural scent and most importantly, I know what's in a lip balm, NOT some chemical that I can't even pronounce. Since it also has a shorter self life (6 months I think), I shall only stick to 1 lip balm at 1 time and remember to keep it properly so I won't lose it :P

Random update on what's up: After using up the products that I use now (shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body wash, facial wash etc.), hopefully I can switch to a more natural alternatives (which is actually possible, did some research on it) and to reduce the amount of products that I use, some which I rarely use, just waiting for its expiry date *guilty*. The claim-to-be-"natural" shampoo that I'm using now didn't work for me. well, that will be another post. Excited to share my discoveries :D

3. Expensive =/= Good. Quality vs Quantity.
So true. I used to use "big brands" that claim to be natural but are actually not the "natural" that I was hoping for or supposed to be. I only came to that realization after reading more about labels on products etc. And really, do I need that many things? Just a few staples will do. Then again, what is my definition of staple? hmm. That's for me to think through :) 

I'm NOT saying that YOU should NOT buy any products other than those natural ones OR ELSEE! LOL. Just sharing my experience on what worked for me and what didn't, what I'm currently into. Those who know me, I'm that no plastic bag-bring your own lunch container-reading the ingredient label girl though I don't know how on earth to pronounce them lol, as I'm just curious of what exactly I'm buying and using. It's a learning process for me :)

God bless you! ♥