Saturday, 16 August 2014

Cold Process soap making workshop

I have tried handmade soaps and still use them. I have this weird interest in soaps LOL, of course, am more aware with what ingredient is in the products I use. Watched some Youtube vids on cold process soap but it was definitely not a hands-on experience. When Groupon had a deal, redemption period was during sem break and the fees were reasonable, I decided to sign up ;) Here is where I drove to. Quite a journey but thank God I have Myan. So glad she agreed to join this 2-hour workshop with me. Little Deer Hand Craft Center.

We were requested to prepare 1 litre empty milk carton (cardboard kind, not the plastic ones) and a polystyrene box each. For the polystyrene boxes, both of us didn't want to buy from the centre, which costs RM10 per box. By the day we were to attend the workshop, we found a few big ones (big enough to fit more than 2 milk cartons LOL) and just brought them along anyway.

The instructor 

We were taught how to handle sodium hydroxide, briefed on the formula of soap making (sodium hydroxide + water + oil = soap + glycerin) then hands-on soap making! Here's Myan measuring the ingredients.

It was like a fun science experiment. Though I'm not a science stream student, I enjoyed general science back in school and we did an experiment on saponification. Credits to Myan. behold, my concentrating face :P I used peppermint essential oil while Myan used Lemon for extra benefits and to add scent to the soap :) Initially, I chose lavender essential oil without knowing how much it costs. It's almost 3 times more expensive than any of the other essential oils o.o the little accountant in me said go easy for first time soap making, yay ;) 

Guess what, the big polystyrene box we brought can be used, it's just to place the milk cartons in, cover with cling wrapper (cuz we lost the cover for the box LOL) (according to YT, a towel will do the job). The soap was left covered in the box for a day. The next night, Myan came over and we cut our soap into less than 100 g per piece.

Then the curing process begins. These will be left for 4-6 weeks, preferably 6 weeks before we can use it. Can't wait for the 14th of September! ;D Jie Rachel will definitely be one of my testers muahaha!

It's been a new and interesting experience for me. I don't know if I'll make soaps again but I'll be purchasing them and supporting this industry. I recommend The Kinder soap company and Claire :) Thanks for reading. God bless you! ♥