Friday, 22 August 2014

Ipoh trip with the Gad fam

2nd Gad fam trip, yays! Kor Raee and Evangelin are our Ipoh hosts. I decided to travel by train, thanks to Klin's advice :) and again, my parents gave me the permission to go ahead even if I have to travel alone. (when I bought my ticket, nobody else responded if they are going with me from KL/Selangor). Anyways, I met up with Papa Ben and Kor Soon Sin in Kl sentral, they got their tickets on the spot. Here's just a glimpse of the trip :)

Meet the fam :D From top left (clockwise): Soon Sin, Shaun, Sarah, Papa Ben, Evan, Yan, Raee, Elucia, Me and Mama Rachel. God provides, we had 2 cars that fit us all in :)

While waiting for the rest to arrive Ipoh, Raee brought us here, somewhere on the way to Cameron Highlands to drink water. No comment but Soon Sin liked it LOL.

We hung out at Buku Tiga Lima cafe for tea break and had a walk. Missing Hopscotch spotted around that area.

Quote. Near Plan b.

We "checked in" at Evan's grandma's place and played Heads up charades! Yeap, thank God also for accommodation. Lovely place. The fam took turns using 1 washroom without complaints :)

Evan's parents invited us over for dinner. Yummy home cooked Indian cuisine! *drools*

Using Jie Sarah's new cam ^_^ Thanks Auntie and Uncle (not in the pic) for having us. We had our tummies filled with yummies and had a wonderful fellowship :)

Night walk at Kinta Riverfront.

Day 2: Apom and teh tarik for breakfast

Congrats to Jie Sarah for she is now officially Dr Low! :)
Congrats to Raee, he was selected to join TFM :)

Stopped by Raee's house and soap making stuff spotted. All belongs to his mum btw. I was of course, excited *snapsnap* Soap molds, oils and essential oils.

Lubuk Timah. Waterfall and Hot springs. Quite a nobody.knows.secret place according to Raee. We enjoyed the cool and warm water :)

Nasi Kandar Ayam Merah Ipoh aka Nasi Ganja. I can't take spicy but this was delicious. Maybe I was hungry but I managed to finish it, with the help of iced lime water :)

Happy faces. Actually the traffic light colors, Elucia was wearing Green shorts LOL.

We sent Jie Sarah off to the bus station as she has another gathering. After that, we headed to Ipoh Parade for 3 games of Laser tag. My first time and it was so exciting, and sweaty HAHA. 

We had quite a long day. I was tired that I didn't bother to take pic of what we had for dinner and supperS LOL. We went back to the house, washed up and had a long night chat with Yan, ahh, it's been awhile ♥ 

Day 3: We went our separate ways after breakfast as we have different time of departure. 

Evan brought me and Soon Sin around town before our train journey. I was quite full from breakfast but can't resist Tau fu fah! :D 

Funny Mountain Soya Bean shop. RM 1 ONLY! I want more if I wasn't that full LOL.

Evan dropped me and Soon Sin at the train station and here I managed to meet up with Shi Yun, my floor mate during 1st year. Time flies! The first time we chatted and shared life stories was during MHS aka orientation week, to keep each other awake LOL. We chatted until it was time for me to leave. 

Bye Ipoh :) bye fam, till we meet again ♥

Pleasant journey back home. A blessed trip, catching up with one another, some after a year plus of not meeting each other. God is good. The fam celebrates with Sarah and Raee for their new jobs, Papa Ben and Shaun are Christian Fellowship president in their respective campuses, updates here and there from the fam basically. New discoveries too, esp Soon Sin, he was from the same primary school that I attended :O I don't remember meeting him before. We still remember our school anthem LOL. Ahh, I love these ppl who I call fam :)

Thanks for reading. God bless you ♥