Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Melaka with the Gads

We had our 1st Gad family trip on the 5th-6th of February 2014 :D These are the peeps I spent 20 days with in Cameron Highlands during Camp Cameron/Camp Cam (July 2013) learning and growing together. 

With Papa, Mama, Evan, KK, Shaun, Elucia and Raee :D We're to-gad-ther again. (can't stop the Gad thing :P)

Sarah joined us later on. We visited Grandpa, Grandma AND Baby Naiomi ♥ 
First time meeting and carrying this lovely princess :) 

Of course, our lovely hosts, Rachel and Shaun took us around the historical city. *Tourist mode ON*

Lunch: Baba Laksa

Durian Cendol

Tea time: Klebang original coconut shake

Dinner at Wok and Pan restaurant. Yummy and reasonably priced.

Supper at Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup

2nd day's lunch at Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Balls. Dislike the polystyrene plates :/

Taste Better Durian Puffs. Eat in 1 mouthful to avoid "explosion" LOL

Tea break at Nadeje. Mille crepes.

The Melaccans taught us how to it eat the non-mainstream way.

It was good going places with the fam, chilling and sharing life. God took care of everything: Lovely hosts, Safe journey, Transport to and fro and around Melaka (8 of us in Shaun's Innova wohoo~), accommodation (thanks to KK's dad).

Bonding over King of Opera after a long day out. 

Super throwback post I know. It was a new travel experience for me, first time taking the bus to Melaka alone, yay to me, and to my parents for letting me do so. I feel a bit grown up now LOL. Tomorrow, I'll be making my way up to Ipoh for our 2nd Gad family trip. Can't wait to meet the fam again, esp those that I haven't seen for a year plus!

God bless you! ♥