Saturday, 23 August 2014

What Color Works for you?

So... it's still semester break for me HAHA. Quite a chill one before I go on 2 more trips(?). Cleared my place, gave away things esp clothes, recycled papers, magazines, old books and notes.. took me hours to do so. Yet to sort out some stuff I brought back from hostel LOL. what an unorganized person am I huh? well, at least I know I don't need anymore clothing in the meantime until I figure out what I actually don't have or not have enough. I'm not fashionably in trend, I just put on proper clothes and I'm good to go LOL. Oh and beauty products, I don't need that many either :) Being a minimalist I guess, heard of it? ;) 

Found Mimi's video on "what colors work for you?" rather helpful. Check it out :)

I think I'm a Fall. What season are you in? :) Happy discovering!