Saturday, 27 September 2014

Year 3 begins...

Sem started. Yeap. Week 3 just ended. Although this pic is showing you my chill.recovering.from.flu face, life is indeed packed with activities. When it's not all chaotic, it's time to get some good rest LOL. God is faithful nevertheless. Glad to meet the freshies, I go like "I'M A SENIOR?!" inside of me LOL. Of course, happy to see old faces ^_^


Short post to say that I'm still fine though situations aren't all smooth, suffering is part of the Christian walk, (but I don't mean please go make yourself suffer-lah LOL, what I meant is that when suffering comes, the grace of God comes along and I can endure suffering by His grace :)), learning everyday to be who I am made to be, which includes learning from mistakes and other's past experiences, counting my blessings too. God bless you! ♥