Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Say NO to Fast Fashion \\ Sustainable Fashion Consumption + Capsule Wardrobes

Been cleaning up my wardrobe and other stuff. Bit by bit, cuz it's like, quite a lot of clutter :X :O Not aiming to be a minimalist but I do like the idea of living lightly and having a more sustainable lifestyle. I'm so bad at giving/putting away sentimental items LOL. I shall not let material things weigh me down. One of the videos I watched recently. Check it out if you want to know more :)

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


It's holiday for me for almost 2 weeks and I'm glad holiday is starting for more peeps now. WELCOME HOME. and to the rest who are still having exams, gayao! A bit more to go then, please come home! :D On the other note, dear Eil was home for the Christmas holiday until this Sunday. So thankful to be able to spend a good time of catching up, some planned, some spontaneous. 

Dropping by my house after going to the health clinic to collect teeth but they couldn't find her container (it's a dental student thing ;)), mum invited her for lunch at home, then busybody accompanying her to the clinic again, which was a good thing I was there cuz there weren't parking so I took care of the car (hehe, I perasan much :3), then another day, breakfast with more dearies, visiting Myan's office then lunch, checked out Gamuda walk, picking up my bro from school and finally, our steamboat dinner on Saturday, heart to heart conversation in between of everything... Actually, this is not yet a detailed story, just a summary LOL. 

Her presence just brought some light to my gloomy days. Cheesy much :P

After the dinner ♥
We have grown so much through the years.

May God bless her in her studies. India, be good to her ♥ One of the meaningful friendships I am truly grateful for :) I know I don't say it out much to the ppl I care for but when I do, I really mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks for reading, God bless you :) 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Summary of Year 2014

Scrolled down my pictures in FB and randomly created a collage of 20 pics, lazy me :P

How much have happened in a year. Some highlights and usual-but-not-so-usual events (not in chronological order):
- Reunion with my secondary school and Form 6 friends.
- Reunion of Kwang Hua Christian Fellowship peeps, mostly my juniors LOL.
- Planetshakers Conference @ DUMC.
- First time tasting curry wan tan noodles due to a whole night of recording Silence of the Drums soundtrack. One of my favourites here: Bridge that links us. :3
- Gad family trip to Melacca then Ipoh! 
- EARC (East Asia Regional Conference) by IFES in PD Methodist Centre. This conference happens every 3 years and Malaysia was the host for 2014! 
- Choirs: Malaysia Choir Eisteddfod. Performed in DFP in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Malaysia-China diplomatic relations. FESENI Choir competition (University of Malaya inter-college arts competition).
- Entered 3rd year of my undergraduate studies. Packed with classes, 21 credit hours then 23 credit hours. Music related and non-music related. I picked up Fencing for my extra-curricular course. Imma Fighter xD
- PKV ♥ that's the name of Universityof Malaya's Christian Fellowship, in case you didn't know hehes. PKV purchased MyKey aka the keyboard, finally! ;) Served in the committee as Assistant Secretary. Had Leader's Training Retreat (LTR) at the Cleft before the beginning of Year 2 sem 2. Then, I stepped down from committee for Year 3, but still serving in various ministries, like, the drivers ministry HAHA. CF d'Promo @ MCKL. PKV organized Easter Production - SIlence of the Drums. Malam Suai Kenal. T.H.E. Camp. Christmas Party. Weekly Bible study and Friday activities etc..

The year wasn't smooth sailing for me personally. Grateful for the ups and down, for the people who journeyed with me. Above all, God is good to me, He taught me lessons in life through all these :') Thanks for reading. God bless you ♥

HELLO 2015!