Tuesday, 13 January 2015


It's holiday for me for almost 2 weeks and I'm glad holiday is starting for more peeps now. WELCOME HOME. and to the rest who are still having exams, gayao! A bit more to go then, please come home! :D On the other note, dear Eil was home for the Christmas holiday until this Sunday. So thankful to be able to spend a good time of catching up, some planned, some spontaneous. 

Dropping by my house after going to the health clinic to collect teeth but they couldn't find her container (it's a dental student thing ;)), mum invited her for lunch at home, then busybody accompanying her to the clinic again, which was a good thing I was there cuz there weren't parking so I took care of the car (hehe, I perasan much :3), then another day, breakfast with more dearies, visiting Myan's office then lunch, checked out Gamuda walk, picking up my bro from school and finally, our steamboat dinner on Saturday, heart to heart conversation in between of everything... Actually, this is not yet a detailed story, just a summary LOL. 

Her presence just brought some light to my gloomy days. Cheesy much :P

After the dinner ♥
We have grown so much through the years.

May God bless her in her studies. India, be good to her ♥ One of the meaningful friendships I am truly grateful for :) I know I don't say it out much to the ppl I care for but when I do, I really mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks for reading, God bless you :)