Thursday, 12 February 2015


Back to January, the beginning of the semester break, the Homies (minus 1) celebrated Suez's birthday ♥ Things won't be the same next year cuz she'll be spending a year in the land of Sunrise. So excited for her! :D

Blessed birthday again! ♥

Back in town from our respective universities: USM, Unimas, UMS and UM (ambassadors macam LOL) 

Photo-taking non-stop 'cuz we can. Stares from the other customers? Doesn't bother us haha! Fun fact: We traveled to Singapore few years ago together. My first overseas trip with friends and that was memorable :) 


Heard stories from a junior, he bought 2 round-trip flights to Langkawi, then only informed his parents. He did that for Taiwan as well. He was all like, "what can my parents do to stop me? I'm grown up." I'm impressed. I wished I had that courage to do so but...I chose to obey my parents. If you know me well enough, my parents aren't ok with the idea of me traveling alone (as in taking a flight or bus alone then meeting with friends, but taking bus alone record has been broken LOL), or going to "too many" outings, cuz to them, holiday is mainly spending time at home. Plenty to do at home actually. I do house chores #likeaboss. Enjoying the holiday while I still have it. Looking forward to my last semester, oh, and I do miss the freedom I have to drive around campus (hehes) as an undergraduate :) 

God bless you! ♥