Thursday, 12 February 2015


Klin calls this Thanksgiving lunch/dinner (nothing to do with Thanksgiving holiday LOL) which is to gather friends together, most which I have known for 10+years *hoho*. I would say this is NOT a tradition BUT an initiative by Klin and her family, also adopted by KC. So, the public universities' are on semester break hence this round's gathering. The Huongs are always so hospitable. We celebrated KC's birthday earlier too :) 

Work, Studies and Life. Loads of yummy food. Played games. Laughed. Good times :)

I'm just very thankful for friendships I still have now, especially after so many years, though situations changed and still changing, and we grow older lol,the friendship grew stronger too :) On the other hand, I'm also still learning to accept the fact that some friendships have changed as time goes by, and some I can even tell now that it was friendships I once had. Just browsing my past blog posts speaks a lot about it. There was the urge to erase posts that didn't seem to matter that much anymore but hey, the past is past. The past contributed in shaping the person I am today, so, thank you :) I shall keep blogging.

God bless you! ♥