Sunday, 17 May 2015

3 fragments.

As I step into a place,
or do a certain thing,
I can't help
but to be reminded
what happened there previously
or who I did that with.

The past cannot be forgotten.
But, new memories are created,
bit by bit,
piece by piece.


It is quite true that in every stage of my life, I lose someone.
Someone I used to call friend.
No longer as close as we were.
Situations changed. We moved on in life.

Only at this uni life stage,
instead of letting things flow as it should,
I went all out to save a friendship,
I even wrote about it here 2 years ago?
Many said it's not worth it,
I started to believe that too.
But, I trust, I trust God, that He will take care of this.
From friends to strangers.
Strangers who will see each other almost every weekday during semester for these 3 years.
It wasn't easy for me.

Fast forward. Beginning of this semester.
I got an apology.
We both forgot what exactly happened to us
but I was sure I held no hard feelings.
I didn't avoid bumping into each other.
I said my "Hi"s,
Tried to initiate conversations
Lend a helping hand when needed
Just be genuine as much as I can.
Anyway, I got the apology and mending the friendship is no longer a one-sided effort.
The period of silence, you said, you observed me.
"Silence doesn't mean not doing anything."
I guess, now, we are making up for the time that was lost?
We are so weird LOL.


Just grateful for 10 over years of friendship, not just with the friend, but with the family, and my family knows the friend and the friend's family like family friend. I like that :)

End of week 11. God bless ♥