Monday, 20 July 2015

Langkawi Day 3 - Skycab,Skybridge, Fruit Farm, Eagle Square.

Day 3 begins with Skycab and Skybridge



Cost: RM 20 for Skycab and RM5 for Skybridge.

Lunch at 7Roof Restaurant aka The Roof Restaurant (Facebook page here). Quite good and reasonably priced.

Off to the fruit farm which is Mardi Agro Technology Park. Went around the farm on this ride.


Iconic Landmark in Langkawi. The eagle at Eagle Square.

Dataran Lang

More fun in the car. We did went for chocolate shopping. Buy buy buy!

That's all for the trip. I felt like we didn't do much but it was a good 3D2N spent with the batch mates. Indeed, it is a rare chance to travel in a group like this. I appreciate our time together. May God bless their future as we part ways and move on in life :)

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Thanks for reading. God bless you, dear reader! :)

Langkawi Day 2 - Island hopping and more!

Day 2 begins! Some of us didn't rest well cuz we're just too excited. McD for breakfast then off we go for island hopping!

Heading out...

To the sea!
1 big boat hired for RM400, not inclusive of life jacket rental (RM10)

Beras Basah Island which literally means Rice Wet Island LOL.

Some group beach shots ;)

Head out again after an hour of swimming and hanging around Beras Basah Island. Stopped for eagle watching before heading to Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park.

Sunny Sun makes Sepet eyes ^_^

Weather was hot, Sun was burning but the freshwater here was nice to wash off the salt water we swam in Beras Basah Island. Water was deep but swimming with the life jacket is just uncomfortable, so I swam without it (was cautious) til I feel a bit tired, dived into the waters twice and came up to chill. Satisfied :)

Back to land for lunch around 2pm+. Lunch at a restaurant along Cenang was so-so, not worth mentioning. *ops* After lunch, some opt to go back to the apartment for shower and rest, which I did, also quickly made a stop at Cenang mall's Guardian pharmacy and bought a tube of Aloe Vera Gel to soothe sunburn. It really seriously helps and doesn't cost a lot! Some opt to go for banana boat ride then chill in the pool. As you can see, the pool Adina has is really shallow, can chill and drink beer like a boss ;)

Dinner at Yellow Cafe Langkawi. Had a pre-dinner walk on the beach.

Sunset view from Yellow Cafe was gorgeous. 

Food was good, though slightly pricey, but at least it was filling :)
Chicken Satay at Yellow Cafe Langkawi
Chicken Satay. Tender meat

Rib eye steak at Yellow Cafe Langkawi
Rib eye steak with mushroom sauce and special butter sauce for RM58

Lamb. Appetising mint sauce.
After dinner, me and few other girls took a last night walk along Cenang. Back to the apartment, we had to finish up the 5 litres of red wine we bought together, put on facial masks Jian Sheng bought from Korea but didn't use (so many masks, enough for everyone!). Watched 2 movies on tv til 4 am xD

Langkawi Trip Day 1 with the course mates
Langkawi Day 3 - Skycab,Skybridge, Fruit Farm, Eagle Square.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Langkawi Trip Day 1 with the course mates

3 years of studies in University of Malaya with the talented music students has come to an end. The last time we had an outing this big was our Sunway Lagoon trip. Continue reading to know what we fresh graduates did in Langkawi island for 3 Days 2 Nights ;) Photo credits to its rightful owners :)

The talented music students class of 2015. Missing 7 who couldn't make it.

28th of June 2015
Waiting for 3pm flight At KLIA2
AirAsia flight tickets (KLIA2 <=> Langkawi) + Skybus (KL Sentral <=> KLIA2) cost me around RM 127. Rather reasonable. Most of my course mates got a slightly cheaper rate as I couldn't confirm my trip until later. Do keep an eye out for cheap rates AirAsia offers from time to time :)

We rented two 8-seater cars (Toyota avanza and Innova) for 2.5 days. Each day costs RM 120. Just nice to fit 15 of us and it's much easier to go places in a group like ours. For Island hopping (in day 2) + car + petrol, we paid RM86.50 per person.

Chilling in the apartment
We checked in at Adina Apartments. 13 of us stayed in the 3-room apartment while 2 other girls in a separate room. Those stayed in the apartment paid about RM69 for 2 nights of stay *go budget travel!*. I wrote a review on TripAdvisor and you can check it out *HERE* :)

Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant

We walked to Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant for dinner. Rather pricey, not delicious and not too filling.

Activities for the night:
Played mafia with the group and drank! Thanks to duty free shopping in Langkawi, you can get Somersby Apple Cider for RM4.90, Hoegarden bottled beer for *I forgot how much but confirm less than RM5!*. The cheapest Apple cider I can get in PJ is in Picccadilly for RM10 per bottle. The price difference was just WOW. 

Then a few of us went out and walked along the shops at Cenang. I bought flowy elephants-printed long pajama pants for RM15 each, one for sis and for me ^_^ 
Then back to Adina for a midnight swim! 
Thanks Wei Tang for the shot and for accompanying me. 

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Monday, 13 July 2015

Day 1: Hello Hong Kong!

Day 1:
Flight to Hong Kong. 
Presenting to you, Cathay Pacific's in-flight breakfast. Chicken noodles. Fruits. Strawberry yogurt. Apple juice.

Cathay Pacific in-flight food kimzhiyi

Oh and a little bun for every set. This is the omelette set if I'm not mistaken. Coffee for grandma.

Cathay Pacific in-flight food kimzhiyi

Watched "Theory of everything". The duration of flight was almost 4 hours from KLIA to HKIA.
Theory of everything on Cathay Pacific flight

Met up with grandaunt and aunt at HKIA. Weather in Hong Kong during April was a bit chilly. Bought Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM cards (8-day pass) at 1010  then traveled to our hotel, Royal Plaza Hotel. I've blogged about the hotel HERE

We had our late lunch at the food court in MOKO shopping mall (connected to Royal Plaza Hotel)

To give you a glimpse of the prices of food in Hong Kong. $60 for the Cheese Hamburger Steak with Omelette Rice. About RM30 for a meal in food court.
Food court in MOKO Hong Kong

Japanese rice and some dim sum for late lunch. Tasted not bad. 

After that, down we go to the streets for some street food. One of the snacks we had: Smelly Tofu! 

Grandma and Grandaunt was tired from all the traveling and walking so we brought them back to the hotel. Then, me and aunt came out for supper! We just walked along the streets and what interests us, we'll just have a look and decide whether or not to give it a try. Totally unplanned.

Address: Hong Kong, 旺角花園街123號地舖 Mongkok Fa Yuen St No. 123.
Phone:+852 2394 1494

We saw quite some local customers in this shop so we gave this a try. 马蹄沙 Cold Water-chestnut dessert (Top) was yums! Nice and refreshing. 咸豆浆 salty soy bean (Left), a bit too salty for my liking, 海带红豆 seaweed red beans dessert (Right) was ok. Costs about HKD20 per bowl. *trying to see the prices on the menu, totally forgot how much was it*

I learned that food prices in Hong Kong are slightly higher than what we have in Malaysia. However, I haven't ate something that wasn't nice in Hong Kong. 

Thanks for reading! :) 

Friday, 10 July 2015

Introduction and personal thoughts (Hong Kong + Macau Trip 2015)

I went to Hong Kong and Macau (7D6N) with my grandma, grandaunt and aunt in April. My grandaunt Grace was supposed to go with her sisters (my grandma and Singapore grandaunt) but due to my granduncle's condition, she decided not to go. They were searching for someone who can replace her. Someone has to accompany my grandma for her flights from KLIA to HK, and back here. So happened it was during my mid semester break and parents decided to reward me for my good results last sem, I get to go! :D  Before the trip, it was a busy time for me, didn't have time to research about Hong Kong and Macau. Aunt had an itinerary planned out but subject to changes. Grandma has her own plans too which isn't confirmed until we were there.
So what is this trip about? Family, fun and food!
with Popo, waiting for our flight to Hong Kong.

It's different to travel with elderly people compared to travel with friends. The elderly can't walk as much nor as fast as we younger ones can, hence, we have to be considerate, look after them, look out for benches for them to sit while waiting for tickets to be bought or something to be settled, you get the picture? My grandma has been to HK a couple of times, she wants to chill while I just want to go out and explore as it's my first time there. I did get to explore around with my aunt at night after sending grandma and grandaunt back to the hotel room to rest their feet/rest earlier. So glad I can speak and understand Cantonese, especially in Macau, easier to get myself understood compared to using English.
Macau with the gang. #tripwithpopoyipoandyiyi

With grandma's relative. Idk how I'm related but yea. At Victoria Peak.

Thankful for my extended family members and parents for making the trip possible for me. Everything was arranged: Flight ticket name change (need to pay a certain amount to match the current market price + special case), hotel bookings, exchange of currency etc.. Everything was paid for, done etc.. Woah, such a bonus! I feel like a spoiled kid (but I'm not!) I'm just happy to be able to go on an overseas trip, my 1st one! minus Singapore, minus Thailand and Laos 'cuz that was for missions, minus when dad went to UK for studies. Indeed, it was an experience of a lifetime.

Stay tuned for more posts! 

Royal Plaza Hotel (Hong Kong trip 2015)

Just to share some tips and experience during my stay there.

How to get to Royal Plaza Hotel from Hong Kong International Airport?
HKIA to Kowloon via Airport express. 

Lesson learned: There are discounts for group purchase! Should have cost us HKD 55 per person.

Hong Kong Airport express ticket
From Kowloon, Take K5 route bus/van.

We booked Plaza Deluxe Family and was upgraded to Plaza Suite for the first 2 nights! I don't know why and how but my aunt made full payment upon reservation.

The staff team of Royal Plaza Hotel (RPH) generally speak good English. (which is very helpful, though I can speak Cantonese but isn't my best language to convey my message).

Panorama view of the Plaza Suite. 
The dining area, bath robes, door to sleeping area, television.

We stayed for 2 Nights then checkout out for a night at Macau, then came back to HK and stayed for another 3 nights. RPH provides baggage storage, which means we brought a smaller baggage to Macau and left the rest with RPH.

We actually got another upgrade to the 18th floor suite when we came back from Macau, but because the older ones can't take a flight of stairs (lift stops at 17th floor), we decided to change the room.
Plaza Deluxe Family Room

I didn't get to use the pool! because I didn't bring swim wear, because most of the time we are out, because we simply didn't allocate time for this. ARGH!

I misplaced 1 of the room cards when we were about to checkout and head to the airport. After searching for it for a good amount of time, I asked one of the housing keeping staff and he assured me that it is ok, I can just check out and no extra charges for missing room key. (The card was accidentally slipped into one of our shopping bags). Clumsy me but lesson learned. 

So if you want to know how much did it cost, here goes:
8th-9th of April (room rate per night, exclusive of 10% service charge: HKD 1500)= HKD 3300
11th-13th of April (room rate per night, exclusive of 10% service charge: HKD 1912.50)= HKD 6311.25
Total: HKD 9611.25, 5 nights for 4 person. About RM 1180 per person.

Overall, it was a pleasant stay in Royal Plaza Hotel. Travelling with the elderly does have some perks. Comfort and convenience is priority, and not budget. This is probably the most luxurious hotel I've ever stayed in. The hotel provides free shuttle service to various places. Check the concierge for more information. 
RPH address:193 Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon, MOKO, Hong Kong

Blogging on how this trip happened and more HK adventures, so stay tuned :) I actually took some short footage of the hotel and throughout the trip. Let's see how it falls in place. hmm...