Monday, 13 July 2015

Day 1: Hello Hong Kong!

Day 1:
Flight to Hong Kong. 
Presenting to you, Cathay Pacific's in-flight breakfast. Chicken noodles. Fruits. Strawberry yogurt. Apple juice.

Cathay Pacific in-flight food kimzhiyi

Oh and a little bun for every set. This is the omelette set if I'm not mistaken. Coffee for grandma.

Cathay Pacific in-flight food kimzhiyi

Watched "Theory of everything". The duration of flight was almost 4 hours from KLIA to HKIA.
Theory of everything on Cathay Pacific flight

Met up with grandaunt and aunt at HKIA. Weather in Hong Kong during April was a bit chilly. Bought Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM cards (8-day pass) at 1010  then traveled to our hotel, Royal Plaza Hotel. I've blogged about the hotel HERE

We had our late lunch at the food court in MOKO shopping mall (connected to Royal Plaza Hotel)

To give you a glimpse of the prices of food in Hong Kong. $60 for the Cheese Hamburger Steak with Omelette Rice. About RM30 for a meal in food court.
Food court in MOKO Hong Kong

Japanese rice and some dim sum for late lunch. Tasted not bad. 

After that, down we go to the streets for some street food. One of the snacks we had: Smelly Tofu! 

Grandma and Grandaunt was tired from all the traveling and walking so we brought them back to the hotel. Then, me and aunt came out for supper! We just walked along the streets and what interests us, we'll just have a look and decide whether or not to give it a try. Totally unplanned.

Address: Hong Kong, 旺角花園街123號地舖 Mongkok Fa Yuen St No. 123.
Phone:+852 2394 1494

We saw quite some local customers in this shop so we gave this a try. 马蹄沙 Cold Water-chestnut dessert (Top) was yums! Nice and refreshing. 咸豆浆 salty soy bean (Left), a bit too salty for my liking, 海带红豆 seaweed red beans dessert (Right) was ok. Costs about HKD20 per bowl. *trying to see the prices on the menu, totally forgot how much was it*

I learned that food prices in Hong Kong are slightly higher than what we have in Malaysia. However, I haven't ate something that wasn't nice in Hong Kong. 

Thanks for reading! :)