Friday, 10 July 2015

Introduction and personal thoughts (Hong Kong + Macau Trip 2015)

I went to Hong Kong and Macau (7D6N) with my grandma, grandaunt and aunt in April. My grandaunt Grace was supposed to go with her sisters (my grandma and Singapore grandaunt) but due to my granduncle's condition, she decided not to go. They were searching for someone who can replace her. Someone has to accompany my grandma for her flights from KLIA to HK, and back here. So happened it was during my mid semester break and parents decided to reward me for my good results last sem, I get to go! :D  Before the trip, it was a busy time for me, didn't have time to research about Hong Kong and Macau. Aunt had an itinerary planned out but subject to changes. Grandma has her own plans too which isn't confirmed until we were there.
So what is this trip about? Family, fun and food!
with Popo, waiting for our flight to Hong Kong.

It's different to travel with elderly people compared to travel with friends. The elderly can't walk as much nor as fast as we younger ones can, hence, we have to be considerate, look after them, look out for benches for them to sit while waiting for tickets to be bought or something to be settled, you get the picture? My grandma has been to HK a couple of times, she wants to chill while I just want to go out and explore as it's my first time there. I did get to explore around with my aunt at night after sending grandma and grandaunt back to the hotel room to rest their feet/rest earlier. So glad I can speak and understand Cantonese, especially in Macau, easier to get myself understood compared to using English.
Macau with the gang. #tripwithpopoyipoandyiyi

With grandma's relative. Idk how I'm related but yea. At Victoria Peak.

Thankful for my extended family members and parents for making the trip possible for me. Everything was arranged: Flight ticket name change (need to pay a certain amount to match the current market price + special case), hotel bookings, exchange of currency etc.. Everything was paid for, done etc.. Woah, such a bonus! I feel like a spoiled kid (but I'm not!) I'm just happy to be able to go on an overseas trip, my 1st one! minus Singapore, minus Thailand and Laos 'cuz that was for missions, minus when dad went to UK for studies. Indeed, it was an experience of a lifetime.

Stay tuned for more posts!