Friday, 10 July 2015

Royal Plaza Hotel (Hong Kong trip 2015)

Just to share some tips and experience during my stay there.

How to get to Royal Plaza Hotel from Hong Kong International Airport?
HKIA to Kowloon via Airport express. 

Lesson learned: There are discounts for group purchase! Should have cost us HKD 55 per person.

Hong Kong Airport express ticket
From Kowloon, Take K5 route bus/van.

We booked Plaza Deluxe Family and was upgraded to Plaza Suite for the first 2 nights! I don't know why and how but my aunt made full payment upon reservation.

The staff team of Royal Plaza Hotel (RPH) generally speak good English. (which is very helpful, though I can speak Cantonese but isn't my best language to convey my message).

Panorama view of the Plaza Suite. 
The dining area, bath robes, door to sleeping area, television.

We stayed for 2 Nights then checkout out for a night at Macau, then came back to HK and stayed for another 3 nights. RPH provides baggage storage, which means we brought a smaller baggage to Macau and left the rest with RPH.

We actually got another upgrade to the 18th floor suite when we came back from Macau, but because the older ones can't take a flight of stairs (lift stops at 17th floor), we decided to change the room.
Plaza Deluxe Family Room

I didn't get to use the pool! because I didn't bring swim wear, because most of the time we are out, because we simply didn't allocate time for this. ARGH!

I misplaced 1 of the room cards when we were about to checkout and head to the airport. After searching for it for a good amount of time, I asked one of the housing keeping staff and he assured me that it is ok, I can just check out and no extra charges for missing room key. (The card was accidentally slipped into one of our shopping bags). Clumsy me but lesson learned. 

So if you want to know how much did it cost, here goes:
8th-9th of April (room rate per night, exclusive of 10% service charge: HKD 1500)= HKD 3300
11th-13th of April (room rate per night, exclusive of 10% service charge: HKD 1912.50)= HKD 6311.25
Total: HKD 9611.25, 5 nights for 4 person. About RM 1180 per person.

Overall, it was a pleasant stay in Royal Plaza Hotel. Travelling with the elderly does have some perks. Comfort and convenience is priority, and not budget. This is probably the most luxurious hotel I've ever stayed in. The hotel provides free shuttle service to various places. Check the concierge for more information. 
RPH address:193 Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon, MOKO, Hong Kong

Blogging on how this trip happened and more HK adventures, so stay tuned :) I actually took some short footage of the hotel and throughout the trip. Let's see how it falls in place. hmm...