Wednesday, 16 September 2015


As years go by, I got to know myself better. I see more flaws in me than strengths, maybe it's human, maybe it's just me. Quality time and words of affirmation. Spending time with people who matter, whether it's talking, doing something together, even in those silent moments meant so much to me. Receiving thoughtful notes and a simple wish too. On the other hand, time also drifts people apart when both doesn't make an effort, OR one does, then got tired of doing so. Words that meant to harm, can cause so much damage. 

I learned many things the hard way. How very often I fall. What is even the wise thing to do? Joy, where art thou in those times? I reflected a lot. What is wrong with me? or is everything me wrong? I've trusted yet I was doubted. Don't give me empty promises. I've tried. I'm letting go and letting God. cuz I really tried my best. Maybe I should try harder but I didn't. I was selfish. Am I asking too much? I was naive. So hard to put these thoughts into written words. Being in love and loving someone is not the same. 

One thing's for sure, I see that God is always faithful to me, He never gave up on me. "For He heals the brokenhearted..."  Thank You, God, for everything. IDK how is this going to turn out but I know what He has in store for me is good.  Here's a video for those who are going through breakup with a special someone or a friend. *hugs*. At one point, it felt like depression. I won't break down so often now when this is mentioned. The healing process was gradual over the past year. This post shall be a reminder to myself. I want to be honest about my past. I will keep the promise I made with God years ago. I will be courageous to face the future :)

While some people I met along the way are meant to be left in the chapter that has closed, I'm grateful and excited that as another chapter begins, we can "Continue to journey together in the Lord through any ups and downs". All the roller-coaster rides together will be worth it, let's go! :)