Friday, 11 September 2015

Travelling to Asia University from University of Malaya (Day 1 in Taiwan)

Some pictures + caption to warm up the Summer Exchange Program @ Asia University (28th of July til 21st of August) Taiwan blog series :) 

Gathered in UM Main bus stop at 5am. 100 UM students + 2 ISC officers on this AirAsiaX flight. 4.5 hours from KLIA2 to Taoyuan International Airport.

Lunch provided on the plane. Nasi Lemak.

Arrived Taoyuan International Airport. On the bus hired by Asia University. Off to Taichung! 2.5 hours journey. The view is beautiful, with paddy fields, countryside as we travel towards south.

Box of food to keep hunger away.

Pastries! Enough for my tea break + Next day's breakfast.
Temporary home for 3.5 weeks. Sharing this space with 3 room mates. Study table at the bottom, sleeping area on top.

Shower room and toilet attached. This building is called Blessing Hall (the 2nd dormitory). We will need to move out to Gratitude Hall (1st dormitory) on the 31st of July. It's summer holiday for the University, they are fixing the doors in the 1st dorm so we will stay here for the time being then they will lock this whole building until semester resumes. This uni is super power saving. Air-conditioning system operates from 4pm-6am. Main lights switches off at 23:30. No wifi in the room as they uses LAN. Bring LAN cables if you have it or you can purchase it in Taiwan for about NT$50. 

After checking in, we grabbed dinner at 五路鍋聖 - 霧峰店 (Wu Lu Guo Sheng - Wufeng branch) 
and that's about it for Day 1 :) Thanks for reading. God bless!