Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Yuyu's birthday gathering!

The secondary school friends gathered to celebrate Yuyu's birthday. She definitely have guessed we're celebrating for her but doesn't know how we are carrying it out until it happened LOL. She's graduating too! Legal drug dealer hehe ;) 
Pictures from KC's Canon 700D, same model that my family owns :D 

Friday night dinner with these peeps. Love the birthday girl ♥

It was lovely catching up with these peeps. We kept switching places to talk to everyone personally cuz 1 person talking and 10 ppl listening is too formal, how cute of us ^_^ So many stories to share! Happy for Cin Yan who found a law firm to chamber (some law jargon I'm not familiar with ops.) and Eu Rick, who just received news before he left for dinner that he passed his paper and now is a chartered accountant. 

The ladies

Matching outfits with Yuyu ^_^v oh, and we're graduating this year! *pops confetti* We've come so far... Friendship since Primary school and still counting! ♥ I bet you can find our younger selves pics somewhere in my older blog posts haha! This blog is like my memory keeper :)

Yan Wei! I haven't seen her since we graduated from secondary school! I was at Hong Kong but she was on an exchange program in UK. We kinda lost touch but it's so good to just catch-up and reconnect again. She's going back to HK soon to continue her studies after internship. Til we meet again :)

This event took place at  at IGGO cafe, Setia Alam. I wrote a review of the cafe *HERE*. First time writing such a review on my blog. Usually, I'll put in pictures, write about life, friendships, thoughts... all that is rather personal than informative. Then, when I did some research on places to travel for my summer exchange in Taiwan (yes, I'm back!), most blog posts I came across has too many personal pictures that it lacks of the travel insights I was hoping to get. I want my blog to help those who need an honest review, also, blogging is my channel to express myself. Hence, the slight change in my style of blogging, all information 1 post, sentimental thoughts *ceh* in another LOL. Let's see if this works better for me:)

Thanks for reading. God bless you! ♥