Thursday, 8 October 2015

7-eleven & Yi Zhong Night Market, Taichung. (Day 3 in Taiwan)

As usual, class. 99% of the time, the lecturer spoke in Mandarin. Kesian my friends who couldn't understand it. Translating for them is almost impossible as the level of Mandarin used was quite deep and at bullet train speed. Oh, FYI, internet speed in Taiwan is superb ;) 

For lunch, instead of ordering food, we decided to try the meals in 7-eleven. Basically, you go in, pick your meal, pay at the counter and the staff will warm up the food for you in the microwave. I didn't know the rice was at the bottom until the travel buddy pointed that out. I have to remove the top section, which has the chicken and egg, to get to the rice. Obviously it's my first time eating a 7-eleven meal LOL. NT$59 for this chicken chop don. Tasted good. 

There is literally another 7-eleven 2 rows down the street. It's everywhere in Taiwan! You can purchase bus tickets, High-speed rail tickets, any kind of ticket from the ibon machine, do printing and photocopy, buy food and products, top-up EasyCard over the counter (悠游卡, it's like Touch N Go in Malaysia), etc. all in 7-eleven. You can pay using EasyCard instead of using cash at 7-eleven. 

NT$39 for Banana Milk. The drinks' expiry date are quite soon as they don't put less or no preservatives.

After class, we took our fave No.100 bus from Asia University to National Taichung University of Science and Technology (国立台中科技大学) bus stop. The journey took us 1 hour +. Here we are at Yizhong Night Market 台中一中夜市! This is one of the nearest night market from Asia Uni that is quite huge. The night market operates from 11am-11pm according to some web  sites. 

Koi, our tour guide, did his research and found this food map from Yes, it's all in Traditional Chinese. Thank God we can read Chinese characters LOL. 

Let the food hunt begin! :D

#1 阿月红茶冰 Ah Yue Iced Black Tea 
(A Yue Hong Cha Bing)

Iced black tea, a thirst quencher for NT$20! Our fave! Must drink!

#2 黄金轰炸鱿鱼 Golden Fried Squid

We have a major squid lover among the 4 of us ;) Be careful when you handle fried stuff, it is freshly fried and is very hot to eat so leave it awhile before you eat it.

#3 一中豪大鸡排 Yi zhong hao da ji pai Chicken Chop
Nice and juicy.

#4 福州包 Fu Zhou Bao 
It's little buns with meat and vege filling. Very nice! The filling can be quite hot but still, very yummy :D

#5 加阳卤味
Pick and mix any braised stuff. 

I don't like米血糕 :x

#6 碳烧鸡排 Charcoaled Chicken Chop.

Yes, more chicken chop! It's quite huge btw, as big as their faces LOL. We prefer the Hao da Chicken Chop we tried earlier.

#7 雄爷鸡蛋糕 Direct translation: Egg cake

It has different fillings inside, such as chocolate and peanut. So-so.

#8 21臭豆腐 Smelly To Fu

The smelly tofu in Taiwan is not smelly compared to Malaysia's. We thought we could smell it from afar but nope. Some pickled cabbage to go with the smelly tofu. Good try.

#9 火焰牛 Torched Diced Beef Steak

Sprinkled with sea salt. Medium done. The beef was juicy and has a nice natural beef smell to it, if that makes sense. The guys liked it so much that they bought another set for themselves.

#10 甘梅薯条 Sweet potato fries with sour plum powder 

Interesting flavour. The sweet potato fries are sweet with a hint of sourness from the sour plum powder sprinkled over it.

#11 Bought 海尼根绿 Heineken Green Tea.

#12 We bought the original bubble (Boba) milk tea from 春水堂(Chun Shui Tang). It's opposite the Birkenstock shop around Chungyo department store. Chun Shui Tang claims to be the origin of Pearl Milk Tea. Anyway, must try at least once. 

Waiting for our order. We chose not to go in as there is the minimum spending rule (at least 1 drink per person if I'm not mistaken), we'll just share 1 large cup as we're already full from what we ate earlier haha.

Etyng and our Pearl milk tea.

4 of us split the cost of our food hunt. We each spent NT$170, this is actually quite good as we tried 12 types of food and drinks in a night :) Some ppl prefer to have a proper meal or not share food, that's fine. But for us, we somehow got along quite well with one another and have no problem sharing. We wanted to try as many variety of food. Yay for my amazing travel buddies :D Day 4 is outing day, where the uni brings us out to explore around Tai Chung so stay tuned for that post! :)