Saturday, 10 October 2015

Eye examination at NIOS Optometry Clinic.

Mindy told me about this free eye examination by Optometry students of National Institute of Ophthalmic Science - NIOS, an academic arm of the Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital some time ago. She told me it was 2 hours long but it was good to know about the health of her eyes. I went to Google if it is currently available. Found a FB page set up by some of the students *LINK* and also a post on newscentral regarding the eye examination. I made an appointment, did some adjustments to suit their slots and my personal schedule and just waiting for the day to come. My appointment slot was 11am-1pm.

The parking was full and I was told to wait for a spot. While waiting, an uncle went to get his car but couldn't start the engine. I helped him to charge up his car battery and yes, I have a parking spot :D Went up to Level 3 where the clinic was.

The eye examination consists of:
Eye power checking
Eye health assessment 
Dry eye assessment
Eye Muscle Functions (to check for Squint and Lazy eye) 
Vision Consultation and Therapy 

The student that attended me was Eve. Her supervisor was there to check on her findings. The whole process was quite pleasant. My eyes' health is quite good. Just Papillae on my upper eye lids. I've stopped wearing contact lenses for a year or so. Eve said it could be the mild sinusitis, which doesn't really affect my life unless I'm in an air-conditioned room for long period of time. She suggested that if I do wear lenses, go for silicon hydrogel lenses or dailies. My right eye is rather dry so artificial tear that I can buy from the pharmacy will help. I do have quite high astigmatism which I think it's a bummer and it's hereditary :( no short-sightedness. slight long-sightedness. I'm weird LOL.

Quite an educational experience. Learning to care more for my eyes. Will make another visit soon for contact lens fitting, maybe I'll say bye to contact lenses forever LOL. If you're interested to get your eyes checked, do make an appointment with them. Thanks for reading. God bless! :)