Thursday, 29 October 2015

Sun Moon Lake 日月潭 (Day 4 in Taiwan)

Asia University brought the 100 of us, students of University of Malaya, for a day trip at Sun Moon Lake. All we know was that we had to gather in the morning then the bus take us to the place. No other information were given. We kinda assumed it will be a guided tour or some Taiwanese students going with us, but nope. We were told that field trip fees are covered, BUT we didn't know that we would need to spend at a lake. BTW, The Lake is HUGE. We obviously did not do our research beforehand. Huge mistake.

Breathtaking beauty
Sun Moon Lake Taiwan

Thankfully we didn't rushed to rent the bicycles from the first shop we saw once we got down from the bus. It cost NT$200! Nope, not gonna spend RM20+ for just the bike rental. Oh yea, we were all left there to do whatever we want and was told to gather back at the bus by 5pm or so. My group of 10 stuck together since we planed to film our micro movie. We walked out of the car park area, compared prices of rental then we found this promo below at the visitor centre. After doing some calculation, we bought the NT$360 package which includes cable car, round-the-lake bus (no time for this), round-trip boat ride, bike rental coupon (which we didn't use cuz it's cheaper to rent at another shop).

Sun Moon Lake Taiwan package

We rented from this shop, it cost NT$100 per bike/person. I negotiated since we are renting for 10 ppl: 6 normal bikes and 2 tandem bikes (because 2 of the girls can't cycle. The tandem bikes are quite hard to cycle in) . They charged us NT$80 per person. A bargain I would say ;)

Sun Moon Lake Taiwan

It was really nice to cycle round the lake. The wind in our faces. Yes, we did film as we go around. We cycled til about 1pm then stopped because it was getting too hot. 

Then, we got on the ferry!
Sun Moon Lake Taiwan Ferry

The herbal eggs are Must-try! 2 for NT$25. 
Sun Moon Lake Taiwan Herbal eggs

Then the cable car. Time really flies. We were kinda fighting for the time.
Sun Moon Lake Taiwan Cable car

The view.
Sun Moon Lake Taiwan Cable car

Didn't really have time to have proper lunch but we bought food along the way. Must try vegetarian bun stuffed with loads of cabbage and mushroom.

It's really hot as it's freshly deep fried so be careful when you eat it. Maybe because we were hungry so this tasted good. Shared the bun with the 3 travel kakis cuz we wanna have room in our stomachs for later.

Sun Moon Lake Taiwan

We didn't have time for the Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village. Another time bah :) 

We got back to our bus on time! Boy were we so exhausted! Next, the bus took us to Feng Jia Night Market 逢甲夜市. That will be in another post :3 MORE FOOD, or was it? ;)