Monday, 5 October 2015

五路鍋聖 - 霧峰店 (Wu Lu Guo Sheng Restaurant- Wufeng branch, Taiwan)

Ordering food in Taiwan can be a hard thing to do for tourists when there is almost no English on restaurants and menus. Transcribing Chinese characters into PinYin may not be the best as Taiwan do not use PinYin but Bopomofo. That's why 台中Taizhong (in PinYin) is Taichung, 台北 is Taipei instead of Taibei, etc. Shall do my best to introduce some of the restaurants I find worth mentioning during my 25 days in Taiwan. 

Taking No. 100 bus from Asia University, it's about 20 mins away with a bit of walking. Free bus ride within 10 km in Taichung, how good is that! Google map is our best navigator in Taiwan. *click to view directions from Asia University to the restaurant* 五路鍋聖 - 霧峰店 (Wu Lu Wo Sheng - Wufeng branch. Yes, they have many branches around Taiwan!) FB page: *click for link*

This is a restaurant that serves Hot Pot with free flow of drinks, ice-cream and rice. Portion is rather big (as you can see from the pictures below). 

 A variety of dipping sauces to go with the food.
Herbal soup + Pork Hot Pot
The Menu with Chinese characters *gasps* wait, Traditional Chinese characters *double gasps* This picture here is to help you to know what to order if you can't read Chinese BUT if you want to be adventurous, go ahead and just randomly pick :D

If you have a small appetite and wish to share a pot with your family or friends, they charge an additional NT$30 per person, quite worth it for all the free flow goodies. I'm quite a big eater + the food is really yummy, confirm full and satisfied :D 
My travel buddies mentioned that the food and the price is way better than Two Pesos back in Malaysia LOL! Btw, we tried other hot pot restaurants around Wufeng but we decided to go back to this one. In 25 days, we had 2 dinners here LOL! 五路鍋聖 do have a time limit of 1 hour to dine-in. Some restaurants in Taiwan have minimum spending per person like 宫原眼科Miyahara, 春水堂Chun Shui Tang, 赤鬼 Akaoni Steak, just to mention a few. Will leave those to separate posts :) Hope this helps if you're planning to go Taiwan. Thanks for reading! :D