Saturday, 21 November 2015

怎麼還不愛 Why Not Love

A lot is going on... Packed weekend with Set apart seminar and church then Vacation Bible School plus helping my piano teacher in her classes next week. I mean, much more is going on than what I mentioned, and I can still afford to procrastinate *facepalm*. Anyways, most of the time I'm just quiet by myself doing my own stuff or daydreaming LOL (hello introvert kim) and I also like to catchup with some people who are close to my heart in real life. Sometimes just being with them, not saying much, just listening and being in the moment is just life-giving lol?. I'm blessed with them who take the initiative to connect with me, and they help me to be a better person and friend. Thank you all :) 

Here's a song a friend shared on FB, I listened to it and I just like it! The MV, the melody, the lyric, the mood, the little dance, oh I like the way the 2nd verse after the chorus was being sung, just nice :)

Rosie楊凱琳 & 余楓《怎麼還不愛Why Not Love》

off I go to bed. Worship practice at 7am O.O God bless! :)