Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Feng Chia Night Market 台湾逢甲夜市 (Day 4 Part 2 in Taiwan)

MORE NIGHT MARKET FOOD. WANT-TO-TRY-EVERYTHING MODE ON! Again, I'm very thankful for my 3 travel buddies. I won't be able to try so many varieties of food cuz I'll be full real fast. Let the food hunt begin! 

(Direct translation: Big intestine wrap small intestine LOL)

Sausage with stick rice

 Mashed potato and all with cheese.

Freshly made. Apparently, almost all the food sold in night markets are freshly fried / cooked/ prepared. Be careful when you eat cuz it is HOT. 

懶人蝦 (lazy person prawn)

Cuz you can eat the prawn just like that after it's grilled.


Fried squid with cheese.

Juice? Wait for it...

奶油啤酒 (butter beer)! Interesting drink ;)

 胡椒饼 (Pepper biscuit)

猪宝盒(Porky Box)

Fried pork chop with corn and all.

I guess we learned to control our craziness over Taiwanese Night Market food :P Feng Chia Night Market is larger than Yi Chong Night Market but further from Asia University. The food we had summed up to NT$125 per person. The guys went to have 赤鬼beef steak on their own, me and Etyng were so full already LOL. BUT! We managed to try the steak later on during our summer exchange, which I will blog about it in the future post :) 

In day 5, I went to meet someone special. Stay tune for the next post :D Thanks for reading!