Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Tunghai University 东海大学 and more! (Day 5 in Taiwan)

The travel buddies and I took the bus from Asia University (my summer exchange uni) to Tunghai University *click for route*. An hour plus journey by bus, driving would cut the travel time by half. Nevertheless, we just enjoy the bus ride~ Dr Chiu, my lecturer in University of Malaya, also my academic advisor, graduated from Tunghai. Tunghai University was founded by Methodist missionaries in 1955. Knowing a bit of the background story makes this trip more meaningful for me personally. 

Luce Memorial Chapel 路思義教堂
The chapel only opens on Sunday, so we didn't get to go in. Amazing architecture.

A wedding photoshoot taking place.

東海 文理大道 (Pinyin: Wen Li Da Dao) that leads us up to the library. 

Tunghai University is huge! The Taiwanese are helpful and kind. A lady helped us with directions. We have Google map and all, but just to confirm the direction. It was really nice to speak to the lady :) 

A lot of walking

Stopped by Mr Brown Coffee Cafe for late breakfast. Experiencing life of a local student ;)


Umbrellas are a must bring during summer!

Tunghai Dairy sells dairy products.

The ice-cream is just yummy. Perfect for the hot day. Didn't/forgot to try the milk on its own!

Exhausted. Chilling at Chun Shui Tang 春水堂 after our lunch.

The weather was really hot that 3 of us each ordered a jumbo sized cold drink. We got so full from drinking, but we finished it anyway LOL.

The travel buddies sent me off at Taichung station and I'm on my little solo trip to meet Passion at Changhua 彰化, like finally, since EARC 2014! Took the train to ChangHua, she was there at the station to pick me up. Then, I followed her to church service held at a house, the men and ladies have separate sessions that day. We had dinner there as well. I was in poker face mode after the long day out. Nevertheless, had a great time with newly met people and catching up with Passion. She's also an alumni of 
Tunghai University! Stayed over at Passion's studio apartment. Living the Taiwanese life yo ;) HAHA! 

You'll see Passion in my next post! so much to talk about :D