Saturday, 27 February 2016

A year after EARC...

I met Passion at East Asia Regional Conference (EARC) 2014, organized by IFES, held in PD Methodist Centre. EARC is the largest conference I've attended so far with about 700 delegates from various East Asian countries. Passion is bubbly and friendly. We just clicked and we were in the same outing group. During the conference, she invited me and Yi Yeen to visit her at Taiwan. To keep my long background story short, the point is, I don't get to go overseas just like that, so in the back of my mind, I hope that one day will come. 

Fast forward, in year 2015, yes I know I applied for summer exchange program (I left the choice of country blank in the form) but to actually get it, to go to Taiwan for the first time felt surreal. I immediately contacted Passion once my application was confirmed. She's in Changhua, which isn't too far from my uni in Taiwan, Asia University. I stayed over at her place twice, once over my 1st weekend in Taiwan, followed her to church cell group, and another time before I go back to Malaysia. I'm glad to spend short yet precious time with her, reminiscing, catching up and counting God's blessings. 

Exploring Changhua county on her scooter :)

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Chinese New Year House Visitation

On the 14th day of Chinese New Year, Grace, Char, Vian, Tim and Mok came to visit me at my home. Sundays are usually busy with church but they came anyway. Not many pics taken, but it was good to have them :) After visiting my house, meeting the parents and have their tummies filled with goodies, we headed out and I brought them around my territory ;) 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Hazelnut Coffee & Bar.

Back from a week away during Chinese New Year. Visited relatives in Johor and SIngapore. Just started to meet up with friends who are around. Sen Chen suggested the Kehpohs meet at Hazelnut Coffee & Bar and we had early dinner there. Nope, we're not sponsored in any way. 

It was a Monday evening, I'm satisfied with the environment, nice to talk, dine and chill there. Due to our photography club background, we had a good few minutes just taking pictures of food and ourselves before putting our phones away, eat, catch-up, laugh and all. We understand each other just like that :) The Kehpohs: Wen or Gwen, Sen Chen or Adrian and yours truly. Getting used to writing their English names on my blog cuz I usually address them the way I do HAHA.