Tuesday, 8 November 2016

国立台湾美术馆 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts + 高美湿地 Gaomei Wetlands (Day 6 in Taiwan)

LONG OVERDUE POST. Missing Taiwan. Never realised my love for museums until this! We came here twice during our stay in Taiwan. Each visit took us half day, so much to see! Most of the exhibitions there are FOC and of course, we fully made used of that ;) #score

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Various exhibitions

The travel buddies

Sound portraits of John Ji Go and Li Dan Way.

Sound portraits

Hearty meal. Can't miss the braised meat rice. 

Then, we head to Gaomei Wetlands to catch the sunset. We took the train to the nearest station which is Qingshui station to Gaomei wetlands then take a cab / bus. We could have hired a driver to drive us from Asia University or Taichung Station. We'll save so much time but we decided to go budget (It's after all the 6th day here in Taiwan)+ explore via public transportation. Train ticket Taichung station <=> Chingshui/Qing shui NT 90 (2way).
And yes, I didn't go broke at the end of the trip :D 

We arrived the train station, tried to catch a cab but we couldn't find any and if we waited for the next bus, we could be late for the sunset :( I don't remember how but we asked the locals how we can get to the place. Then... a kind uncle offered to drive us to and fro! for a reasonable price (NT 500 (2 ways) divided by 4 of us)! We recommended his service to our fellow friends on the same exchange program when they visited Gaomei wetlands the following week. Yay :D 

Crowded on a weekend

Took off our shoes and walked

So thankful to be able to catch this scenic view.


Thanks for reading, God bless you!