About kimzhiyi

Disclaimer: READ AT OWN RISK.

Child of God. Born in Boleh-land, a Malaysian. Truly blessed with family and friends. Music, photography, nature, going green and minimal, reading, food, travel, social media:blog, FB, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, are her kind of thing. Dares to dream and living it out. Bachelor of Performing Arts (Music) graduate, class of 2015 in the University of Malaya. A music educator. 

Blog history.
She's been blogging since 2008. She blogs because she tends to forget events in her hectic life so easily but she wants to remember it. As little or as insignificant things may appear to be, she believes everything happened for a reason. She randomly reads her old posts and finds it funny how she was back then (how she blogged, the acronyms and smileys she used, how she looked *oh no*). As she matures and grows, the more she accepts herself for who she is designed and made to be. From her blog, you might think she's talkative, but in real life, she can be rather quiet. Why? She finds it amusing to have some silence, enjoy the moment and then reflect on it by blogging. Furthermore, this blog is to contain all her "chatty" posts. Beware of frank blogger!

Why kimzhiyi?
It's simply a fusion of her English and Chinese legal name: Kimberly and Zhi Yi. Is she kim or zhi yi? she's, well, 100% kim 100% zhiyi :) 

Happy reading!